13 Best Chocolate Gifts: A Holiday Gift Guide

December 16, 2022

13 Best Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts are always popular during the holidays. They’re undeniably delicious and look so festive wrapped up in a seasonal tin or printed paper. It’s no surprise that we love everything chocolate, so we’re sharing with you our favorites of the season.

We have something for everyone’s wish list, including chocolate connoisseurs and snack lovers. We even have presents for plant-based eaters and home bakers. Discover a treat for everyone, and then find the perfect vegan chocolate bars for yourself! 

chocolate gift boxes

1. Chocolate Gift Boxes  

When it comes to impressive holiday presents, chocolate gift boxes are the ultimate confectionery gift. They look beautiful on a tabletop or under a tree. Offer a gift box as a festive gesture for the host of a holiday party. Our chocolate boxes are full of delicious truffle-filled bars like Holy Fudge and Born Fruity. You’ll even find assortments featuring dark chocolate bars infused with coffee or bits of vegan toffee. 

There are plenty of ways to give our chocolate gift boxes. Shop for a variety pack, and then break it open and give the chocolate bars as stocking stuffers. Everyone in your circle will get to enjoy sustainable cocoa from Ghana to Peru. We won’t tell if you keep one for later. 

2. Peppermint Bark 

Peppermint bark is a holiday staple. It’s also one of the most delicious chocolate gifts around. This treat combines different types of chocolate, including creamy white chocolate and bittersweet or dark chocolate. While you’re sure to enjoy the combination of flavors, peppermint is the star. A splash of peppermint extract and crushed candy canes transform this chocolate treat into a bright and joyful holiday snack. 

If you want to give it as a gift, you can buy it or learn how to make peppermint bark for yourself. It’s a simple recipe you can make in your kitchen with ingredients you find at the grocery store or in your pantry. Create a gift for a group or share dessert with your family. Don’t be surprised if everyone asks for it again next year!

3. Vegan Chocolate Bars  

Vegan and plant-based friends can rejoice this holiday season. Our vegan chocolate bars have a top-notch taste and they’re completely free of animal ingredients. While you don’t have to worry about what’s in your chocolate, you do have to pick from the list of tasty TCHO options! If you or a friend like dark chocolate, we have plenty of truffle-filled bars to satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose from fudgy cacao truffles sourced from Ghana or nutty dark chocolate featuring luscious almond butter and sea salt. 

We have plant-based oat milk bars for those who like the taste of milk chocolate. We also invite you to check our seasonal offerings for festive white chocolate flavors like pumpkin or eggnog. There is something for everyone who prefers an animal-free diet. All our vegan chocolate comes in colorful packaging, just like a holiday ornament! Friends and family will love opening the bright wrapper to find small-batch dark chocolate with locally sourced sea salt or fruit-forward cacao truffles. On top of being made from plants, our vegan chocolate is non-GMO and organic. 

Try Our Vegan & Plant Based Chocolate Products 

organic dark chocolate

4. Organic Dark Chocolate 

If you’re someone who likes giving quality organic products, ‘tis the season to grab a box of organic dark chocolate bars! Organic products are so popular that you’ll find a chocolate bar for everyone on your list. Certified USDA organic chocolate like ours is produced with high standards. You’re sure to taste the difference when you try our carefully sourced and curated ingredients. 

Shop for creamy organic oat milk chocolate and rich and fudgy cacao truffle bars. Whatever you choose, you’ll know it’s a delicious craft product good enough for friends and family. While you’re buying organic, it’s good to know: Is chocolate gluten free? Chocolate in its purest form is inherently gluten-free. However, some added ingredients can change that. It’s also important with a gluten-free diet that products are made in a gluten-free facility. TCHO runs a gluten-free facility. With our chocolate, you can have peace of mind and enjoy craft quality. 

5. Chocolate Truffles 

Chocolate truffles are so delicious and decorative that everyone wants them as a holiday gift. Truffles have a ganache center and are coated in chocolate. Some are rolled in tasty ingredients like coconut flakes or chopped nuts. They may also receive a dusting of cinnamon or cocoa powder. You can buy truffles or make them yourself at home. You can even find dark chocolate bars filled with them. 

A bundle of truffles in a seasonal gift box will make anyone feel special. Bittersweet and dark chocolate truffles are always popular during the holidays, but there are plenty of other recipes and variations to try. Chocolate peanut butter truffles and raspberry truffles always find their way into the holiday rotation. Chocolate pistachio and peppermint bark truffles are some of the most inspired tastes of the season. Some of the warmest, coziest flavors include almond butter and cardamom. 

6. Chocolate Fudge 

Most candy shops this time of year are lined with rows of chocolate fudge. The classic version of this holiday treat is made with dark or semisweet chocolate and milk. A basic fudge recipe also includes sugar and butter. The ingredients are cooked together, then combined until they achieve a soft and smooth texture. Once the fudge is cool enough, you can cut it up and give it as much as you like. 

Make the batch look extra special when it’s wrapped with red or green plastic wrap. Or protect your recipe and delight all the senses when you put the fudge in an airtight decorative container decorated with snowmen or reindeer. Whether you’re buying fudge or making it at home, there are plenty of flavors you can add to dark chocolate to make your gift really stand out. Decadent fudge can include nuts or marshmallows. You can also add crushed bits of candy canes or stir in swirls of white chocolate. More tasty additions include cookie bits and almond butter. Make your holiday fudge more sophisticated with flavors like eggnog or sea-salted caramel. 

drinking chocolate

7. Drinking Chocolate 

Everyone loves a cup of hot cocoa during the holidays. It’s a staple when ice skating or caroling. In the winter it also makes for the perfect after-dinner treat. If you know someone who loves hot chocolate, you’ll elevate the beverage with the help of a thoughtful gift. It’s common to give tea or coffee, but drinking chocolate is often unexpected. 

Our drinking chocolate crumbles are a delightful 64% cacao bittersweet chocolate. This indulgent chocolate gift will give your cocoa a velvety texture in every drop. It’s easy to melt drinking chocolate at home to mix with your favorite milk and extracts or flavors. The crumbles come in a convenient resealable bag that you can wrap in paper and top with a bow. Put it under the tree with a new mug or glass. 

8. Baking Chocolate 

Bakers and pastry chefs want two things for the holidays: quality baking ingredients and kitchen tools. You’ll be their favorite person when you get them baking chocolate as a stocking stuffer. A baking variety pack is a holiday baker’s dream, with five home baking essentials like bittersweet dark chocolate and 100% cacao unsweetened cocoa powder. 

Give something that inspires the home baker like oat milk white chocolate or dark chocolate discs for baking. With your help, they’ll perfect their favorite holiday recipe or try something new. You may even get to try their chocolate creation. It’s a win-win for everyone this season. 

roasted cocoa nibs

9. Roasted Cacao Nibs 

We all love holiday gifts that let us try something new and indulgent. Roasted cacao nibs let the chocolate lover step outside their comfort zone. What are roasted cacao nibs and why do they make a great present? Also known as “cocoa nibs,” they’re the crumbled bits of dried cacao beans. These are the same pods chocolate makers use to make their bars and baking chocolate. 

Give roasted cacao nibs to the chocolate fan who likes a toasty, nutty flavor.  Add them to cookies or cake recipes. They’re also a tasty addition to sauces and a unique topping on salads. Eat them straight from the bag for a wholesome snack that you can enjoy by the fire with a cup of hot drinking chocolate. 

10. White Chocolate 

White chocolate finds its way into many chocolate gifts during the holidays. It’s the main ingredient in peppermint bark and many types of holiday fudge. It’s also a festive ingredient in white chocolate mousse or seasonal tarts made with flavors like almond or cranberry. The white chocolate lover in your life has plenty to choose from, including plant-based oat milk chocolate bars and white baking chocolate. 

Chocolate bars are always welcome in stockings. White chocolate with pumpkin and eggnog are spirited choices to celebrate the season. Other ways to give white chocolate include scones and cookies. They’re the perfect companion to spiced teas and big breakfasts with family. 

11. Chocolate-Covered Fruit 

Searching for a balanced chocolate gift for the holidays? Chocolate-covered fruit is decadent yet healthy. It’s fun enough to give to a child or teen but you can also dress it up to give to a spouse or partner. Chocolate-covered strawberries are the most famous dipped fruit offering. They’re always appreciated during the holiday season, but you can always switch things up with apples or bananas. 

Figs or pomegranate seeds are out-of-the-box options that will take your chocolate-covered fruit game to the next level. Don’t forget about the orange-chocolate combination of flavors when you drizzle chocolate over tangerines or mandarins. Roll the melted chocolate in toppings like peanuts or crushed graham cracker crust. Give strawberries and apples a festive feel when you decorate dark chocolate with a drizzling of white chocolate. 

fudgy chocolate cake

12. Chocolate Cake 

There are plenty of bite-sized chocolate gifts to be had during the holidays, but some of us will need to give a friend a larger, shareable treat. If you know someone who needs you to make a dessert for a fancy party or holiday dinner, go with a chocolate cake. A classic chocolate cake will delight most guests at any celebration. 

If the recipient wants a twist on a tried-and-true favorite, there are plenty of recipes. Bake a rich layered chocolate cake with honey ganache or a truffle-style dessert with the festive winter flavors of raspberry and amaretto. Mousse cake with yuzu and fruity dark chocolate will elevate a White Elephant event or a cozy holiday date. 

13. Chocolate Brownies 

Brownies are beloved for their fudgy flavor and unique texture. Crispy outer edges and a warm, gooey center give us that perfect bite and mouthfeel. We love to indulge in brownies this time of year. A classic dark chocolate flavor makes a wonderful gift when wrapped in a festive box. 

You’ll make them even more seasonal with flavorful additions like peppermint extract or bits of pecans. Add artwork with icing or sprinkles. Make them how your loved one likes them, so they know they’re appreciated. Rich and fudgy brownies also make an excellent parting gift or party favor. 

rich chocolate brownies

Give the Gift of Chocolate 

The best part about giving chocolate for the holidays is that nearly everyone loves some type of treat. Fans of a nutty flavor will like snacking on your gift of roasted cacao nibs or dark chocolate bars with bits of vegan toffee. Inspire the white chocolate lover with plant-based oat milk chocolate and winter flavors like eggnog. 

Keep the baker happy when they unwrap 100% cacao powder or bittersweet baking chocolate. There’s nothing that chocolate can’t do to bring everyone together during the holidays. Use this list as a chocolate gift guide, and your family and friends will finish the season with a smile on their faces!