3 Easy Summer Chocolate Desserts

May 31, 2023

It’s getting hot out there! A light and refreshing summer chocolate dessert is just what you need to cool off and enjoy the weather. Cold and creamy treats are delicious this time of year, especially when you make them with our TCHO vegan chocolate bars and plant-based baking chocolate. Enjoy the taste of rich dark chocolate and smooth oat milk chocolate in everything from summery chocolate tarts to satisfying fruit sorbet. Whether you’re kicking back at home or traveling, you’ll love how these recipes taste amazing and feature healthy plant-based ingredients.  

1. Elegant Vegan Dark Chocolate Mousse  

Chocolate mousse features rich, decadent dark chocolate with an irresistibly smooth texture. Try our elegant vegan dark chocolate mousse recipe with TCHO Sweet & Sassy 66% and plant-based chickpea aquafaba. We use oat milk to keep this mousse dairy-free. Create depth of flavor with a pinch of sea salt and pure vanilla extract. 

Melt the baking chocolate over a double boiler, and then let cool to room temperature. Using a standing or electric hand mixer, whip the aquafaba with a whisk to form stiff peaks. Add sugar and vanilla extract to the aquafaba, and then fold a third of the aquafaba into the chocolate. Pour oat milk over the aquafaba and chocolate mixture and mix in to create a fudgy ganache. Fold the rest of the aquafaba into the ganache and pour your mousse into ramekins or glass cups. 

To make a whipped aquafaba topping for your mousse, whip aquafaba and sugar with a whisk until stiff peaks form. Add a dollop to the chilled dark chocolate mousse and enjoy. More toppings and garnishes for your vegan dark chocolate mousse include fresh mint and chocolate shavings. TCHO Crush This! roasted cacao nibs add more fudgy flavor to the top of your mousse, but you can also try coconut shavings or whipped coconut topping. Summer berries make for an excellent addition to this delicious chocolate recipe. 

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2. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet 

Dark chocolate sorbet offers cool chocolate decadence without feeling heavy or tasting too rich for a hot day. When you add raspberry preserves to the flavors of our TCHO Hella Dark 81% and TCHO Super Powder cocoa powder, you’ll have the perfect summer treat for any occasion. One of the best parts about our dark chocolate raspberry sorbet is the chocolate magic shell. Combine more Hella Dark with your favorite coconut oil for a surprise topping everyone will enjoy. 

It's easy to make this chocolate sorbet recipe at home. Mix raspberry preserves with boiling water in a small bowl and whisk to combine. Then, combine Super Powder and salt in a medium bowl. Strain the raspberry preserve mixture through a fine mesh strainer into the bowl of salt and Super Powder. Whisk the ingredients until smooth, and then add the remaining items including the chopped chocolate. 

Continue to whisk until smooth in texture, and then blend and refrigerate until chilled. Transfer the completely chilled mixture into an ice cream machine to process, and then put the sorbet into a medium bowl covered in plastic wrap to freeze until firm. To create the magic shell, place the chocolate in a double boiler and add the coconut oil. Stir together until melted, and then store at room temperature until you reheat for service. 

dark chocolate raspberry sorbet

3. Chocolate PB Banana Nice Cream 

Elevate your summer ice cream game with this vegan “nice cream” recipe. Chocolate PB Banana Nice Cream offers everything you love about an icy, creamy treat without dairy ingredients. Use a combination of frozen bananas and natural peanut butter with vanilla. TCHO Super Powder builds the delicious chocolate flavor. 

Begin this fast, easy recipe with a food processor. Add frozen bananas and peanut butter with natural cocoa powder and vanilla. Blend the ingredients until smooth, and then feel free to eat immediately. If you’re making it for friends, you can put it in an airtight container and freeze it before serving. 

Some of the best toppings for our Chocolate PB Banana Nice Cream include shaved chocolate or banana slices. Add chopped peanuts or pretzels. Coconut shavings add tropical flavor perfect for a summertime dessert. Or feel free to use white chocolate. What is white chocolate? This type of chocolate includes at least 20% cocoa butter but no cocoa solids. If you like creamy flavor, use this topping to add bright and refreshing depth to the peanut butter and dark chocolate. 

Make Summer Desserts Easy 

It’s easy to make unforgettable summer desserts with expert recipes and delicious TCHO chocolate. Let our TCHO pros show you how to create cool and creamy treats to celebrate the season. Tasty plant-based ingredients and refreshing ways to showcase vegan chocolate are what make these ideas so special. Try each recipe this summer, and you may find your new favorite dessert.