5 Benefits of Dairy Free Chocolate

June 07, 2023

Are you on a dairy-free diet? Try dairy-free chocolate! TCHO vegan chocolate bars and baking chocolate are perfect for those who don’t use cow’s milk. We make plant-based chocolate so you can reimagine your snacks and desserts. Discover the best plant-based recipes with chocolate or try a delicious dairy-free chocolate bar. Whatever you love to eat, this guide will help you find the perfect TCHO products. 

1. Tasty Alternative for Vegans 

Vegans may wonder, is chocolate plant based? It can be if you choose the right products. TCHO chocolate is 100% plant-based and free of cow’s milk. Our dark chocolate bars like Holy Fudge and Dark Duo feature a rich and fudgy cacao shell and tasty vegan truffle-filled chocolate. If you like creamy milk chocolate, try sweet and salty Toffee Time or Choco Latte made with dairy-free oat milk. 

2. Better Choice for Dairy Sensitivities 

When you have dairy allergies or sensitivities, it can be challenging to enjoy your favorite milk chocolate or baked goods. Thankfully, plant-based and vegan chocolate offers a healthy foundation for making chocolate desserts. Our plant-based chocolate bars are safe for those who can’t consume dairy but still taste as satisfying as other chocolate. 

Try our bite-size, individually wrapped oat milk chocolates. Oatally Awesome features the flavor without second-guessing your dessert choices. If you’re looking for chocolate discs or baking chocolate, Real Fudgy 70% offers a classic chocolate taste. Or create white chocolate desserts with perfectly balanced Choco Blanco 35% oat milk white chocolate. 

Give the Gift of Chocolate

3. Tastes Just as Good as “Other” Chocolate 

Some dairy-free chocolate isn’t as creamy or fudgy as products made with cow’s milk. Not true for TCHO plant-based chocolate! Even non-vegans say it’s the most delicious chocolate around. If you’re new to our vegan chocolate bars, try Born Fruity. You’ll be amazed at the lush fruit flavor without the extra sugar. If you like to eat dark chocolate bars with scrumptious inclusions, try Aww Nuts! filled with almond butter and sea salt. Take one bite and delight in how satisfying it is to eat dairy-free chocolate. 

For the plant-based bakers out there, you can’t go wrong with our unsweetened cocoa powder or bittersweet baking chocolate. TCHO Super Powder is non-alkalized and high fat for the perfect cocoa taste for your favorite recipes. Use high-quality cocoa in your baked goods for a pure chocolate flavor. Sweet and Sassy 66% is a medley of nutty and dried fruit notes that instantly elevate cookies and brownies.  

passion fruit ganache confection

4. Healthier Dessert Option 

TCHO plant-based chocolate is made with wholesome, organic ingredients and lower sugar. Check our nutrition labels to see why we’re a better choice than some other types of chocolate. TCHO chocolate is non-GMO and Fair Trade Certified™. We also ensure that we make certified kosher and soy-free bars for your peace of mind. 

If you read the ingredients of our Origins Gift Box, you’ll notice the first ingredient is organic cacao. Our dark chocolate features responsibly sourced cacao from the birthplace of chocolate, along with simple ingredients like organic cane sugar and cocoa butter. We flavor our dairy-free chocolate with vanilla beans and locally sourced ingredients for treats of the highest quality. 

5. Make Dairy-Free Baked Goods 

Vegan and dairy-free baked goods rely on quality ingredients to build delicious flavor. Our plant-based baking chocolate makes dairy-free treats better than before. We have plenty of baking essentials available for your pantry, including our Dark and Bitter 100% unsweetened baking chocolate and Crush This! roasted cacao nibs. 

Make your desserts unforgettable with the distinct deep cocoa notes in Hella Dark 81% or the roasted coffee flavor of Choco Combo 68%. Bakers who like working with milk chocolate will find it easy to switch to Oat My Gawd 46%. Transform your favorite treats or make dairy-free alternatives for guests. With TCHO baking chocolate, you’ll never notice your recipe lacks milk. 

chicory pecan opera cake

Enjoy Delicious, Dairy-Free TCHO Chocolate 

Try our dairy-free chocolate and see the difference for yourself! TCHO vegan baking chocolate and plant-based chocolate bars are perfect for creating desserts and snacking on a satisfying treat. If you know someone who eats a dairy free diet, our dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate products make the perfect gift. There are many reasons to go dairy-free, but with TCHO you’ll never have to worry about enjoying sweets.