5 Chocolatey Recipes Perfect for an Outdoor Picnic

Before Summer comes to an end, it is a must to plan one more picnic before the warm outdoor dinners disappear. While packing along a regular chocolate bar can get a little dicey (what with the boiling hot sun and chocolate’s propensity to melt), you can still enjoy plenty of cocoa-y goodness by whipping up these make-ahead treats, all of which incorporate a healthy dose of chocolate.

Chocolate Almond Picnic Bars

As the name implies, these bars work perfectly as a take-along snack for picnics, potlucks, or any other après dining. They pack loads of chocolate into their three rich layers, which start with a chewy brownie-like layer, sandwich a middle layer resembling hot fudge, and top it all off with a thin layer of brownie covered with sliced almonds, pretzels, and chocolate chips. It’s a decadent sweet-and-salty combination that will have other diners begging for the recipe.

Chocolate Bouchons

If you’re looking to take your picnic fare to the next level, this is the recipe for you. Named for their cork-like shape (the French word “bouchon” loosely translates to “cork”), these cute little finger foods are packed with rich, chocolatey flavor thanks to unsweetened cocoa powder, six ounces of semisweet chocolate, and chocolate chips baked right into the batter. 

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Here’s another elevated take on picnic food. But don’t let the elegance of these single-serving treats fool you; they’re actually pretty easy to make. You’ll just need cream, chocolate, sugar, and egg yolks in order to form the custard base. After baking for about 25 minutes and letting the ramekins cool for an hour, you’ll be ready to “wow” all your fellow picnickers.

Chocolate Picnic Cake

This appropriately named cake is easy to make and transport to your favorite picnic destination. And because the final product resembles something in between a cake and a brownie, it’s easy for people to eat by hand. The cake is jam-packed with chocolate in a number of flavors and textures: You’ll add two ounces of unsweetened chocolate to the base batter and sprinkle chocolate chips over the whole thing just before baking.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

No picnic is complete without cookies, and this twist on the chocolate chip classic will ensure your vegan friends can get in on the action. In fact, these qualify as a guilt-free treat for pretty much anyone thanks to the use of healthy ingredients such as almond butter, chia or flax seeds, and (of course) chocolate. The recipe calls for the use of both bittersweet chocolate and cacao nibs, and it’s quick to make: You can make these cookies in 35 minutes flat (or the amount of time it will take you to locate the picnic basket).

Armed with these recipes, you can enjoy chocolatey goodness at all manner of picnics, from grassroots affairs to settings fit for a (chocolate-loving) queen, or king.