5 Fun Ways to Pair Beer & Chocolate

August 14, 2023

A cold beer goes well with a salty snack. Did you know that it also pairs well with chocolate? Vegan chocolate bars and beer are diverse in their flavor varieties. If you’re into beer and chocolate, this list offers plenty of tasty inspiration. Check out some of the best beer and chocolate pairings with various styles and flavors that will keep things interesting.

1. Stouts and Fudgy Dark Chocolate 

Stouts are rich and complex, balancing hop bitterness and sweet roasted malt. When you taste them, you’ll notice flavors like coffee or chocolate. Pair TCHO Choco Latte with a beer with caramel notes. An imperial stout is more intense in flavor than a regular stout, and it has a higher ABV. The deep and toasty notes match our Dark Duo and Holy Fudge bars. Dark Duo combines decadent single-origin dark chocolate from Ghana with a fruity single-origin cacao truffle from Peru. Bite into a Holy Fudge bar, and you’ll notice tasting notes of crisp brownie edges that add a little sweetness to your imperial. 

2. Belgian Dubbels and Fruity Dark Chocolate 

Belgian dubbels are among the oldest brews in the world. They are amber to dark brown with a sweet, yeasty maltiness and little to no bitterness from the hops. Some dubbels have caramelly notes or the flavors and aromas of cocoa. Fruity esters and toasted malt make this beer style an excellent pairing for fruity dark chocolate. 

Try a dubbel with Born Fruity, our lush and fruit-forward dark chocolate from Peru. It’s gloriously truffle-filled, featuring deep fruit notes and a crisp, sweet finish. Celebrate the birthplace of cacao with a decadent chocolate bar and one of the most beloved beers of all time. Grab our Globe Trotter pack of mini chocolate bars for the perfect bite-size dark chocolate for a beer pairing session. 

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3. IPAs and Milk Chocolate 

India Pale Ales are some of the most ordered craft beers out there. They’re also quite hoppy. Some beers will give you bitter or floral notes. You may also notice that your IPA is piney or fruity. If you’re a hop lover looking for a hop-forward beer tasting, this beer and chocolate pairing is for you. There are many different versions of the IPA, including American and Imperial. Whether you’re having an English IPA or a pint of New England, pairing your flavor profile with milk chocolate is easy and delicious. 

At TCHO, we make vegan milk chocolate with quality organic ingredients and delicious inclusions. Oat My Gawd is a smooth, caramel-forward milk chocolate that will match well with an IPA with earthy notes. Enhance the bitter flavors of IPAs with our Toffee Time bar. Our plant-based oat milk chocolate is filled with bits of vegan toffee and sea salt for a flavor experience that’s equal parts creamy and crisp. 

4. Pilsners and Milk Chocolate 

A crisp and refreshing pilsner is perfect for a warm day. It’s pale in color with floral hop notes and malty sweetness. You may even notice a little spice. This combination of light and warm flavors pairs well with smooth milk chocolate. We like bringing out our Oatally Awesome mini chocolate bar pack for the perfect tasting session. Each box includes individually wrapped oat milk chocolates like Oat My Gawd and Toffee Time. Enjoy a combination of bitterness and creaminess that will leave you reaching for more. It’s a delicate balance that complements every bite and sip. 

5. Dark Lagers and White Chocolate 

Dark lagers are brewed with lager yeast but look darker in color. Some dark lagers are known as black lagers or bocks. Sometimes they’re known as Schwarzbier or Dunkel. First brewed in Europe, various styles led to many strengths and flavor profiles. You can generally count on a dark lager to taste rich and toasty. While it starts roasty and heady, it ends with a crisp lager finish. 

The balance between rich and light makes dark lagers delicious with white chocolate. Check the ingredients and inclusions in your white chocolate bar for the most delicious pairings. TCHO white chocolate bars are made with oat milk white chocolate, often featuring tasty inclusions like strawberries and matcha. Our Perfect Matcha bar has a balance of bitterness and sweetness that tastes amazing with black lagers or bocks. Savor the flavor of a matcha shell and strawberry filling combined with roasted malts and a lighter taste. 

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Enjoy the Best Beer and Chocolate Pairings 

Pairing beer and chocolate is like fruit pairings or cheese and chocolate pairings. They work so well together, making the perfect party activity or snack for a cozy evening. Explore beer and chocolate in a tasting session to discover flavor notes and profiles you never tasted. With so many delicious options, you’ll never tire of these tasting sessions.