6 Best Chocolate and Wine Pairings

August 23, 2022

Ranked as the top food in some parts of the world, chocolate is an undeniable part of the global gastronomic culture. Wine is equally as beloved and well-respected, so it’s not surprising that these two staples are often paired to create mouthwatering flavor combinations. If you’re looking for a fantastic way to highlight and enhance the experience of both chocolate and wine, consider the following tried and true chocolate and wine pairings.

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Dark Chocolate and Port

Port is a sweet red wine from Portugal known for its rich, luscious flavor. Its sumptuous sweetness and indulgent texture make it perfect for serving with dessert, especially gourmet dark chocolate bars. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to pair your dark chocolate with dry red wines, because together they bring a bit too much bitterness. As a general rule, you always want your wine to be a touch sweeter than your chocolate.

White Chocolate and Moscato

Beloved for its sweet, creamy and mild flavor profile, white chocolate is quite the versatile dessert for wine-lovers. Since white chocolate is on the sweeter end of the chocolate spectrum, you want to make sure you choose a wine that can mirror its sugar content. A great option is Moscato d’Asti, which will help highlight the chocolate’s buttery flavor profile. Riesling and sweeter rosés are also excellent accompaniments to a delicious chunk of white chocolate.

Milk Chocolate and Pinot Noir

Milk chocolate is often considered one of the easiest flavor profiles to pair with wine. Since it’s got a high milk content, it tends to be creamy, versatile and complementary to many other flavors. Experiment with different wines to find one that suits your preferences. A sweeter, lighter red wine such as a pinot noir will beautifully complement the creamy sweetness of classic milk chocolate. Merlot, port, Syrah and sherry are also commonly served alongside milk chocolate.

Fruity Chocolate and Zinfandel

Fruity chocolate, such as Born Fruity, makes a wonderful aperitif alongside a carefully chosen glass of wine on a warm summer evening. The key is to choose a vintage that, like the chocolate, is fruit-forward and fresh. Zinfandel’s fruity flavor profile featuring flavors of berries, cherries and plums is sure to pull out similar chocolate flavors. Pair your zinfandel with a delicious fruity dark chocolate torte, truffle or mousse using our mouthwatering baking chocolate!

woman whisking chocolate in bowl

Coffee Chocolate and Cream Sherry

Coffee-flavored chocolate, such as our Choco Latté, adds a nutty and slightly acidic flavor profile to your tasting menu. Because coffee tends to be a bit overpowering and distinctive, it pairs beautifully with sweet, creamy wine options that create the perfect balance. Cream sherry brings forth a warm, toasty flavor with nutty undertones, making it perfect for pairing with coffee-flavored chocolate and coffee-rich desserts like tiramisu.

Almond Chocolate and Madeira

If you’re nuts about nuts, you’re going to love pairing your almond chocolate with a delicious madeira wine from Portugal. Choose a sweeter variety with notes of caramel, hazelnut, walnut and coffee to bring out the rich, salty flavor of the almonds. Many people also pair their nutty desserts with chardonnay (especially hazelnut desserts), cabernet and sparkling wines. Don’t forget to set out a bowl or two of mixed nuts to complete the trifecta.

dessert dish with wine

The Perfect Pair

Choosing the right wine and chocolate pairing can help you take your dessert offering from basic to exceptional! The key is to choose wine varieties that pull out the flavors hidden within your chocolate and stick to higher sugar content wines to highlight the chocolate’s sweetness. TCHO chocolate makes the perfect gourmet chocolate bars for pairing with your favorite vintage!