Are Chocolate Chips Vegan?

September 14, 2022

Chocolate chips are small, versatile chunks of chocolate. These morsels help to perfect delicious treats like cookies and brownies. They also taste delicious in pastries and hot chocolate. If you’re shopping for them online or in stores, you’ll see different types of chocolate chips available. Plant-based bakers want to know, are chocolate chips vegan? We’ll give you the facts so you can make the best choices for making your favorite desserts.  

Are There Vegan Chocolate Chips? 

Chocolate morsels are an ideal size for handheld treats, which is why they’re such a popular choice for baked goods. They come in many styles, including dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. There are milk chocolate chips and pieces made with white chocolate. 

Some chocolate chips are vegan, while others are not. Yes, many of them contain animal products. If you eat a vegan diet or you’re baking for someone vegan, it’s helpful to double-check ingredient lists before you purchase. Not to worry — there are mouthwatering chips out there that are made without any animal products. 

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How Do I Know if My Chocolate Chips Are Vegan? 

Generally, there are ways to determine whether the chips in your cart include only vegan ingredients. If your chocolate chips are vegan, they will not contain animal products. Some of the most common animal ingredients in chocolate chips include milkfat or butterfat. Other ingredients to avoid include whey protein or dry milk powder. 

If you’re eating vegan, you don’t want chocolate chips made with casein or whole milk powder. Non-vegan, milk-derived fats commonly found in chocolate chips include cream and butter. There are some other helpful ways to decide between non-vegan and vegan chocolate chips: 

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Non-Vegan Chocolate Chips 

Some types of chocolate chips are not vegan. For example, milk chocolate chips contain dairy milk products. White chocolate chips aren’t considered vegan because they include ingredients such as milk powder. Semi-sweet chocolate chips can be vegan or non-vegan, so you must read the ingredients list to be sure. 

If you find non-chocolate chips like those made with peanut butter or butterscotch, those aren’t vegan or real chocolate. Some dark chocolate chips may not even be vegan, so it’s essential to do your research. 

Vegan Chocolate Chips 

If your chocolate chips are vegan, they’ll usually have a shorter list of ingredients. They won’t have any milk products or animal products. Look for simple combinations of cocoa powder and cocoa butter with cane sugar. You may also see soy lecithin and natural flavors. 

Many vegan chips or chocolate discs for baking are labeled vegan so they’re easy to identify. If you like semi-sweet chips, they’re made with a short list of chocolate and cane sugar with cocoa butter. Some plant-based chocolate chips are vegan, but others are not. 

How to Choose Vegan Chocolate Chips 

When you choose a vegan lifestyle, it’s a great feeling to find products you can trust. We like premium quality vegan chocolate chips that are fair trade and sourced responsibly. You can also seek out vegan-friendly companies that make lower-sugar and plant-based chocolate. Next, decide on the style of chocolate you want. 

Some chocolate chips or baking discs are made with pure, unsweetened cacao. They don’t contain added sugars or flavors, keeping the morsels rich and bold. Others include bittersweet dark chocolate with playful hints of dried fruit and nuts. Bake your treats with roasted cacao nibs if you’re craving a toasty chocolate flavor. Or look for dark and fudgy discs with tart fruit flavors and rich caramel notes. 

You’re not limited to one flavor profile with all the flavors and varieties of vegan chocolate. Remember, companies with plant-based chocolate or vegan chocolate bars may carry chips and discs with milk products. Always double-check ingredient lists to be sure you have your favorite chocolate. 

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Baking with TCHO 

Everyone loves chocolate chips, but vegans must be discerning about their ingredients and baking products. Now that you found TCHO, you don’t have to search for the perfect vegan chocolate discs for baking! We have the fudgy flavors and sweet, sassy notes you want (and need!) for every vegan treat. 

Our vegan products are clearly labeled so you can make the best choices for your muffins or cookies. We also have a complete ingredients list on all our chocolate baking discs and chocolate bars so you can make tasty decisions for yourself and your friends. Baking should be fun and stress-free. Discover how our vegan chocolate can make creating easier while giving you unmatched chocolate flavor!