Chocolate Nightcap Pairings

Few things are better than ending a long day with a nightcap. Named after the sleeping caps that were worn in the 14th century, a nightcap warms you up in the same way a hat would, but seven centuries later, nightcaps are much tastier.

How could we make a nightcap even better? We thought you’d never ask...a chocolate pairing (of course)! With our plethora of flavors, the pairing possibilities are extensive. Here are a few of our faves.

Rum Alexander with 39% Classic Milk

You may have heard of a Brandy Alexander, but its close cousin is a Rum Alexander, which combines the sweetness of the rum with the creaminess of the other ingredients for a delicious late-night cocktail. To make a Rum Alexander, mix two ounces of aged rum, one ounce of coffee liqueur, one ounce of heavy cream, and ½ ounce of Demerara syrup in a shaker. Pour the mixture into a coupe glass, then garnish with nutmeg for aesthetic and taste. 

A Rum Alexander with our 39% Classic Milk bar is a match made in heaven. The notes of caramel and butterscotch in this creamy, traditional milk chocolate intermingle with the sweetness of the rum in the Rum Alexander, and pairs well with the coffee liqueur. 

French Connection with Dark Chocolate, Almond + Sea Salt

A French Connection is a beloved nightcap featuring two ingredients: amaretto and cognac. Fill an old fashioned glass with ice, then measure 1 ½ ounces of cognac and 2/4 ounces of amaretto. Stir and pour.

The amaretto’s aroma of almonds and nutty finish are the perfect complementary  chocolate pairing to our dark chocolate Almond + Sea Salt bar. Generous chunks of almonds are mixed with the rich cocoa notes and light fruitiness of the dark chocolate and a pinch of sea salt for dimension, play well with the amaretto and the darker spices and hints of fruit in the cognac.

Whiskey Neat and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Crunch

You may have heard of “whiskey pretzels,” made by baking pretzels drizzled with a whiskey, cayenne, brown sugar, and butter mixture. This snack was our inspiration for this particular pairing. There’s just something about the combo of the oaky and lightly smoky flavors of the whiskey with a crunchy sort of sweet and salty pretzel. If you like to keep your nightcap classic, pour a whiskey neat with a whiskey of your choice, and enjoy it with our milk chocolate Pretzel Crunch bar. The fudgy sweetness of the dark milk chocolate will round out the more stark notes from the whiskey, and the hint of salt and satisfying crunch of the pretzel bits in this make it a perfect midnight snack.

White Russian and Mokaccino (or Milk Chocolate)

Finally, for those of you who aren’t affected by caffeine at night, this coffee-themed nightcap pairing is particularly divine. A White Russian is the equivalent of a boozy iced coffee and is made with just a few simple ingredients: coffee liqueur, vodka, and whole milk or heavy cream. Give it a shake with ice, then pour into a glass of your choice over ice. 

Our milk chocolate Mokaccino bar is made with ground, premium coffee beans from Blue Bottle coffee, giving it the roasted, full-bodied flavor of espresso with the creamy milk chocolate. Sensitive to caffeine? Keep it simple, and pair your White Russian nightcap with a square of our 39% Classic Milke bar. It’s creamy with hints of butterscotch and caramel meld wonderfully with the coffee liquor in a White Russian. 

If you prefer a nightcap without liquor, a warm cup of milk with a hint of vanilla will do the trick or try your favorite herbal tea with a square or two of chocolate. Bottoms up and sweet dreams!