Fall Into Flavor: TCHO Taste Chasers Club

We’ve created a new chocolate experience, called the Taste Chasers Club and are so pumped to share it with you all. It’s a little different from anything we’ve done before, so we hope you like it.

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Our mission with the Taste Chasers Club is to guide you through the world of flavor, one ingredient and TCHO treat at a time. Together, let’s discover the undiscovered, by exploring flavors that combine to create totally new and ground-breaking experiences.

Each experience is a limited edition chocolate experience based on a theme surrounding flavor and will include first access to the latest micro batch bars, featured ingredients to taste individually, as well as some experiment guides to explore new flavors both inside and outside of chocolate. 

To kick things off, we're focusing on Botanicals!

TCHO Taste Chasers Kit Contents


We founded TCHO on the belief that high quality cacao deserves to be tasted, and its diversity in flavor should be celebrated.  At TCHO, we have challenged our tastebuds for years, constantly pairing ingredients with chocolate from all around the world. If you remember our Makers Series, you’ll know what to expect with our new TCHO Taste Chasers Chocolate Bar; limited edition, small batch, unique flavor… The Fall ‘21 edition is a Yuzu Ginger Rose 66% Dark Chocolate bar, a blend of botanicals and cacao to make your tastebuds go yum. 

Partially unwrapped Limited Edition TCHO Chocolate Bar


In each TCHO Taste Chasers Chocolate Bar, we dive into flavor through the origin and notes of individual ingredients. This botanically inspired bar features Japanese yuzu with renowned citrus floral notes, combined with the warmth of soft crystalized ginger chunks and dried Egyptian rose petals in a rich 66% organic Fair Trade dark chocolate. Yuzu, Ginger, and Rose each bring their own alluringly unique floral aromas and textures. When blended into our custom fruit forward 66% chocolate, it makes for a bar of distinction. This one of a kind bar is a perfect companion to a neat whiskey, ruby port, or even a late morning macchiato. And as always, we want to hear what delicious pairings you discover, too!

Limited Edition TCHO Taste Chasers Chocolate Bar with featured ingredients: yuzu, ginger, and rose


Our chocolate makers aren’t the only ones who get to have some Mad Scientist Energy.  Inside each TCHO Taste Chasers kit, an experiment is waiting to be performed. And remember you’re not alone. Access to a private digital community awaits our Taste Chasers, where you’ll continue your adventure.  Share questions, pictures, wins and failures of your taste chasing journey with our chocolate makers and fellow flavor explorers. While you’re there, you’ll get special deals on TCHO, early access to new products, and be eligible for monthly giveaways (plus some extra digital content like recipes, pairings, and more).

Exclusive Cocktail for TCHO Taste Chasers Club: Botanicals


Learn more about TCHO Taste Chasers Kit No. 1 | Botanicals >>

In our TCHO Flavor Lab in Berkeley, CA, we have so much fun discovering countless possibilities of flavor combinations. Let us know what you want us to create next!

TCHO Bean Team in the Flavor Lab at the TCHO Factory in Berkeley, CA

Tastefully yours,