How Much Sugar Is in Chocolate?

June 30, 2023

Most of us think of chocolate bars as decadent, sweet treats. So, how much sugar is in chocolate? Here at TCHO, we keep health and sugar content in mind. Learn more about chocolate nutrition and our TCHO vegan chocolate bars. With more information about what’s in your chocolate, you can make better choices for your diet. 

Keeping an Eye on Added Sugars 

Sugar may taste sweet, but too much can impact your health. Sugary drinks and snacks can cause weight gain or affect your daily energy levels. Over time, too much sugar could lead to conditions such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease.  

Thankfully, you can enjoy your favorite foods and keep your sugar consumption in check. One way is to watch your daily sugar intake when it includes desserts or snacks with added sugar. Next, try to choose lower-sugar foods and beverages. Don’t forget to read ingredient labels and nutrition facts to find out if drinks and snacks contain too much sugar. Then, swap sugary drinks and unhealthy desserts with more nutritious options. 

Give the Gift of Chocolate

Sugar Content in Pure Cacao 

The amount of sugar in chocolate bars and baking chocolate depends on the chocolate type. Pure cacao contains no added sugar. TCHO Dark & Bitter 100% is the perfect unsweetened baking chocolate for those watching their sugar intake. Make delicious brownies or chocolate cake. It’s so tasty that you can put it in sauces or use it for melted chocolate recipes. 

Our Crush This roasted cacao nibs are for you when you need a toasty chocolate flavor without added sugar. These chocolatey bits feature complex-tasting notes and a crunchy texture. Add them to everything from smoothies to ice cream. 

sweet potato pie

Added Sugar in Dark Chocolate Bars 

Dark chocolate bars contain some sugar. High cacao dark chocolate will have less sugar than lower cacao dark chocolate. It has less sugar than milk chocolate or white chocolate. The average dark chocolate bar with 70-85% cacao has around seven grams of sugar per ounce. If you choose a typical dark chocolate bar with 45-59% cacao, you will consume more sugar.  

How much sugar is in a TCHO dark chocolate bar? Holy Fudge 75% and Dark Duo 75% are delicious single-origin bars with only six grams of sugar. Enjoy dense and fudgy cacao truffle-filled chocolate for a distinguished cacao experience. Or sample the lush fruit taste of Born Fruity with seven grams of sugar. 

Sugar in Chocolate Baking Products 

Our dark chocolate baking products feature plant-based ingredients and less sugar than other pantry staples. Sweet & Sassy 66% bittersweet baking chocolate is a baker’s essential and contains five grams of added sugars. If you choose TCHO cocoa powder, you’ll make your recipes with no added sugars. Create healthier chocolate cookies and baked goods with some of the tastiest baking chocolate on the planet.  

Sugar Intake from Milk Chocolate 

Milk chocolate is a creamy treat with less cacao and more sugar than dark chocolate. It usually gets its smooth texture and mouthfeel from milk products. Because of its sweet and sugary ingredients, an average milk chocolate bar has between nine grams and 15 grams of added sugar. 

When you choose non-dairy oat milk chocolate by TCHO, you can expect around seven grams per serving. TCHO Toffee Time and Oat My Gawd 46% are examples of oat milk chocolate with plenty of chocolate flavor. Enjoy a satisfying chocolate tasting without the extra sugar to weigh you down. 

Sugars in White Chocolate 

White chocolate has the least amount of cacao of all chocolate types. In some cases, more than half of white chocolate is added sugar. Make a healthier swap with TCHO Choco Blanco 35%. This sweet and decadent oat milk white chocolate contains five grams of sugar. This baking chocolate is perfect for making a ganache or a mousse. It also combines well with the tasting notes in nuts and berries. 

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Enjoying Chocolate with Less Sugar 

So, is chocolate good for you? It can be healthier with less sugar if you make the right choices. That’s right; you can enjoy delicious chocolate and stay healthy. Be mindful of nutrition labels and make smarter choices when snacking and baking. TCHO chocolate makes it easy to choose low-sugar chocolate varieties for every recipe. Nutritious ingredients and plant-based products will make you feel better about enjoying your favorite desserts and snacks.