Is Dark Chocolate Good for Diabetics?

June 19, 2023

Diabetes is a condition that results in too much sugar in the blood. According to medical experts, a diabetes wellness plan with a nutritious and balanced diet can help keep glucose levels under control. As you browse for delicious and healthy treats, is dark chocolate good for diabetics? Moreover, is chocolate gluten-free? Let us explain more about TCHO dark chocolate and its benefits so you can decide on your next dessert. 

Can Diabetics Have Chocolate?

Let’s separate fact from fiction: If you have diabetes and love chocolate, you can still enjoy some vegan chocolate or a piece of a tasty chocolate bar.. Working with your doctor and diet plan is essential to choose the right chocolate and eat it in moderation. Still, it’s better to choose dark chocolate bars and baking chocolate because they contain less sugar than milk chocolate or white chocolate. 

How to Choose Chocolate for Diabetics 

Quality dark chocolate contains at least 70 percent cocoa solids and little to no milk solids. Its ingredients include cocoa butter and sugar, but dark chocolate still has far less sugar than milk chocolate bars or white chocolate. If you live with diabetes and want to eat chocolate, it’s a good idea to pick a dark chocolate bar with more than 70% cacao. 

Leave out additional ingredients, which may add sugar. Instead, choose flavorful vegan dark chocolate with quality cacao that brings out its natural flavors. Craft chocolate offers a tasting experience like enjoying a glass of fine wine. Take your time with a small square of dark chocolate and see how satisfying it can be to enjoy treats in moderation. 

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate bars and dark baking chocolate are lower in sugar than other treats, but they possess even more health benefits you should know about. Dark chocolate is a source of organic compounds like flavonoids and polyphenols that act as antioxidants in the body and help to support heart health. Some studies show that dark chocolate can help to lower blood pressure and enhance blood flow. This makes dark chocolate different from other treats and may be worth further discussion with your doctor. TCHO dark chocolate is also gluten-free and produced in a gluten-free facility in Berkeley, California.

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TCHO’s Lower-Sugar Dark Chocolate 

Everyone deserves the enjoyment of a sweet treat. If you have diabetes, you can still satisfy your chocolate cravings with our TCHO chocolate bars and baking chocolate if your doctor approves. Let us give you a few recommendations to get started!

Holy Fudge Dark Chocolate Bar 

Our dense cacao-filled truffle bar Holy Fudge is full of rich chocolate flavor with only six grams of sugar. Taste the magic of fudgy cacao from Ghana with the taste of crisp brownie edges and responsibly sourced, organic ingredients. 

Born Fruity Dark Chocolate Bar 

If you’re searching for a fruity chocolate flavor, we make it so you don’t need to get it from extra sugar. Our Born Fruity bar has only seven grams of sugar and features organic and fruit-forward cacao from Peru. Experience deep fruit notes with a sweet and crisp finish. 

Dark Duo Dark Chocolate Bar 

Meet your new favorite treat. We combine the chocolate shell of Holy Fudge and the fruity cacao truffle in Born Fruity in our Dark Duo bar. Enjoy the flavors of both of our single origins with only six grams of sugar! 

Mini Dark Chocolate Bars 

If you like the taste of our dark chocolate bars, we now have them in bite-sized portions. Control your sugar intake and have a little fun with a box of our Globe Trotter mini chocolate bars. Indulge in the flavors of Holy Fudge and Born Fruity in a snackable square. They’re easy to share with friends or keep for yourself when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. With our Lil’ Squares, you’ll feel empowered to enjoy your favorite chocolate without guessing how much sugar you’re having. 

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Enjoying Tasty Dark Chocolate with Less Sugar 

When you’re watching your blood sugar, the restrictions on desserts and baked goods can have you craving dark chocolate flavor. Not to worry! TCHO dark chocolate bars and mini chocolate squares have less sugar than many others. Take a bite of our plant-based and organic chocolate and see for yourself!