Is White Chocolate Vegan?

September 21, 2022

These days, there are more vegan food options than ever before. You’ll find many of your favorite snacks and treats made without animal products, including premium chocolate. If you like white chocolate’s sweet and creamy flavor, you may want to know: Is white chocolate vegan and free of animal ingredients? 

Read this guide if you love chocolate and a cruelty-free diet. We’ll show you the main ingredients in white chocolate and tell you if it’s made with dairy or other animal products. You’ll also discover more of your options in the world of vegan chocolate so you can enjoy a satisfying goodie or an afternoon pick-me-up! 

What’s in White Chocolate? 

White chocolate may be tasty, but it’s different from milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Most chocolate contains cocoa solids, the part of the cocoa bean that makes dark chocolate so rich and fudgy. White chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa solids. Instead, its main ingredients include sugar and cocoa butter. White chocolate also contains milk powder. Many white chocolate bars and treats add vanilla for more depth of flavor. 

Is It Vegan? 

White chocolate isn’t a vegan food because it contains dairy products like milk powder. It may also have additional animal products like refined sugar made with bone char. If you love the taste of white chocolate, you can shop around for sweet alternatives. Some vegan versions of the classic style can be found online and in specialty stores. 

Vegan white chocolate often includes organic raw cane sugar or vegan substitutes like coconut sugar. Other commonly used plant-based ingredients include coconut oil or maize flour. They may not have the same flavor profile as typical white chocolate, but they’re still smooth and satisfying. 

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What Types of Chocolate Are Vegan? 

Some types of chocolate are vegan, but others aren’t. Most classic milk chocolate contains dairy products. You’ll need a vegan-conscious and plant-based alternative to enjoy that lush taste and mouthfeel. Some of our TCHO vegan chocolate bars include delicious and creamy oat milk chocolate. Taste it once and you’ll never go back. 

Now that you know about milk chocolate, you’re probably curious about dark chocolate. So, is dark chocolate vegan? Unfortunately, some dark chocolate bars aren’t vegan. However, you’ll probably have more luck with dark chocolate than any other type. 

Its simple ingredients list is missing the milk solids you’ll find in milk chocolate. Instead, it features the rich intensity of cacao. Dark chocolate includes cocoa solids and sugar. It also features cocoa butter. These ingredients make a vegan chocolate bar if they don’t contain cow’s milk or unfiltered sugar. 

How to Choose Vegan Chocolate 

If you love the flavor of white chocolate but want to keep a vegan diet, you have plenty of options. Our delicious TCHO chocolate bars will give you a variety of flavors and plenty of inspiration. Some of our favorite types of vegan chocolate include: 

Oat Milk Chocolate 

Indulge in our plant-based oat milk chocolate in our Choco Latte bar! This bar includes tasty oat milk and a rich and bold coffee truffle for an energizing and caramelly snack you won’t have to carry (or spill!). Its main ingredients include cacao beans and organic cocoa butter. It also has organic coconut sugar and gluten-free oat flour. Sea salt and organic vanilla beans give it a unique, complex flavor you won’t be able to put down. 

Toffee lovers need to try Toffee Time; a bar made with oat milk chocolate and bits of vegan toffee. Hints of sea salt give it the perfect combination of caramelly and salty. If the taste wasn’t enough, these plant-based treats are also fair trade certified and certified kosher. 

Dark Chocolate 

We have vegan dark chocolate for everyone, including the dense and fudgy Holy Fudge bar with fair-trade dark chocolate from Ghana’s world-renowned cacao farms. This bar is reminiscent of crisp brownie edges and includes plant-based ingredients like organic cacao beans and organic cane sugar. 

If you’re searching for something fruity, our lush cacao truffle-filled Born Fruity bar showcases the flavors of Peru. Enjoy a sweet and crisp finish and vegan ingredients like organic cocoa butter and coconut oil. If you love almond butter, Aww Nuts! is 100% vegan and completely satisfying. We make this bar with locally roasted and small-batch almonds, so you know you’ll fall in love with the flavor. 

We even have a small batch of dark chocolate made with locally sourced sea salt for the true chocolate lover. Browse our chocolate bars and baking discs for all your options. You’re also sure to love our variety packs and gift boxes. 

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Enjoying Vegan Chocolate 

We want you to appreciate the bean-to-bar experience as much as we do! As you shop for vegan treats, don’t forget to read the product packaging. Vegan chocolate bars and baking discs are labeled vegan or clearly state they don’t contain animal products. Finding a chocolate brand that specializes in plant-based and vegan chocolate is also helpful. 

Here at TCHO, you’ll find plant-based and fair-trade chocolate for everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re into snacking or baking, we have you covered. We also have chocolate bar boxes for the perfect gift. These days, eating vegan means eating delicious food. Start here for your next dessert or snacking experience!