#loveTCHOself: 30 Days of Self-Care

In honor of Self-Care Awareness Month, we’re spending September celebrating all of the rad and unique ways we can show ourselves a little extra physical, mental, and emotional attention!  For the next few weeks, our team’s mission is to share some helpful tips to support your journey towards self-love, because you definitely deserve it.

 TCHO Self-Care Campaign Care Wheel

Peddling chocolate probably sounds like a pretty relaxed gig to most people, but we’re definitely guilty of getting wrapped up in the commotion and neglecting our needs, just like anyone else.  Through our research, we’ve learned to embrace that there is no shame in supporting yourself, (it’s never too late!) by spending some time to take stock and work towards healthier habits.  Let’s just say we’re not not calling it the ultimate gift you can give yourself…

(We saw that eyeroll…)

But honestly, we so get it.  In today’s world, we’re all busy keeping up with our competitive careers, trying to achieve that coveted work-life balance, and somehow finding the time to nourish our bodies, exercise, and get enough rest.  The list seems endless, but we’re here with a friendly reminder that carving out time for personal care can and should be at the top of your to-do’s.  And maybe easier said than done, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about it either.

TCHO Self-Care Campaign Quote 

So, follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook to get our daily reminders to get you thinking about self-care.  We’ll be sharing some easy tips, helpful tricks, and some stories about our own self-care journeys.  Now, to get in the spirit, before we get down to the nitty-gritty details, we want to challenge you with a quick mental exercise to check-in with yourself!  Take a minute to think about the word that best fills in the blanks below...

 TCHO Self-Care Campaign Mental Excercise

If you’re new to this, congrats!  You’re awesome and made it past the first challenge.  If you’re already on the self-care bandwagon, hopefully you found it useful (also, we think you rock, too)!  Now, if you’re up for it, share on social and ‘#tag’ us so we can follow along too!  #loveTCHOself

TCHO Self-Care Campaign #loveTCHOself

Please note:  We aren’t doctors or self-care coaches, just a bunch of craft-chocolate loving nerds who’re inspired by self-love and want to spread awareness with friendly tips and habits that work for us!