Mother’s Day Chocolates: 5 Gift Ideas

April 10, 2023

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your mom, sister or close friend (or even yourself) shop for Mother’s Day chocolates! Our list of chocolaty gift ideas has something for everyone. Grab the mom in your life a TCHO chocolate gift box of delicious TCHO vegan chocolate bars. Your tasty treat will make a Mother’s Day to remember.

1. Vegan Chocolate Bars 

Our dark chocolate bars feature exciting origins and flavor notes like lush fruit and crisp brownie edges. Give her a quality bar sourced from world-renowned cacao farms, such as our plant-based chocolate bars made with organic cacao beans and cocoa butter. 

She’ll appreciate fair-trade ingredients like organic vanilla beans and coconut oil. If you want to impress her, we recommend organic, non-GMO dark chocolate with more than 70% cacao. Find a bar with chocolate responsibly sourced from renowned cacao origins like Peru and Ghana. 

Does she prefer the taste of milk chocolate or white chocolate? Let her discover the creamy taste of oat milk chocolate! It’s incredibly delicious, especially with tasty additions like organic roasted coffee or creamy almond butter. Finish your gift with a decorative pot of flowers for the garden and an eco-conscious Mother’s Day card made with recycled paper. She’ll love the effort you make for her and the planet. 

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2. Chocolate Gift Boxes  

Our chocolate gift boxes are an impressive way to say thank you. We have gift sets for every chocolate lover, including our tasty dark chocolate bars. Show mom’s how special they are with our plant-based dark chocolate featuring pure cacao. Under the colorful packaging is the best of our chocolate origins. 

If they like variety, get her a TCHO gift box featuring dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate. We even have gift sets with a delicious variety of chocolates. Try our seasonal selections or keep mom stocked with 12-bar and 18-bar chocolate variety packs. 

chocolate bars box

3. Bittersweet Drinking Chocolate 

Hot cocoa lovers and mocha queens need to try TCHO drinking chocolate! Our bittersweet and ground-up drinking chocolate crumbles are perfect for a pick-me-up. Hawt Chocolate delivers a rich and deep fudgy flavor that takes hot chocolate to the next level, but you can also use it to make an ice cream topping or fudge sauce. 

This Fair Trade Certified™ product pairs perfectly with a stoneware mug or reactive glaze coffee cup. Place your gifts in a reusable canvas bag featuring colorful flowers or classical artwork. What’s better than a hand-picked Mother’s Day present? 

4. Baking Chocolate  

Give the home baker what she wants: delicious plant-based baking chocolate! We have everything to create beautiful tempered confections and delicious chocolate desserts. Shop for unsweetened baking chocolate made with 100% pure cacao or 66% bittersweet dark chocolate. Get a symphony of nutty and fruity flavors, or shop for our baking essentials. You’ll find unsweetened cocoa powder and roasted cacao nibs, along with chocolate baking discs made with oat milk white chocolate or 81% dark chocolate.  

It’s Mother’s Day, so fill her pantry with a baking chocolate bundle. Our gift set includes our baking chocolates and non-alkalized cocoa powder. We throw in our cacao nibs and drinking chocolate for a gift pack to help mom create delicious desserts. 

5. Bite-Size Chocolates 

Plant-based chocolate is pretty guilt-free. Our TCHO bite-size chocolates make it easier for mom to enjoy her favorite snack. Delicious, individually wrapped portions will let her indulge in bite-size oat milk chocolate bars or truffle-filled dark chocolate. These fun and individually wrapped chocolates are shareable and help to support a balanced lifestyle. 

Make it an exclusive gift when you pair our Lil’ Fair Squares with a gorgeous bouquet. According to Farmer’s Almanac, pink flowers like roses symbolize happiness. Hydrangeas express gratitude, while carnations show you appreciate your mom’s or aunt’s love. Buy a bouquet of jasmine to showcase a mom’s grace and elegance, and then finish your special gift with a handwritten note. 

chocolate box

Make Mom Feel Special 

Mother’s Day is a time to remind your mom how important she is to you and your family. It’s also a chance to boost her self-care. Make her smile when you offer her delicious plant-based TCHO chocolate. Our dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate will delight the chocolate lover and inspire the home baker! Along with tasty chocolate, the best thing you can do is spend some quality time with all the mom’s in your life. Spend the day with her or video chat to help her unbox her gift.