Product Spotlight: Why You’ll Love Our Mini Chocolate Bars

June 26, 2023

Our vegan dark chocolate bars and plant-based milk chocolate are so delicious that sometimes you feel like you could eat the entire package! In many instances, a bite-size square can be just as satisfying. Enter TCHO mini chocolate bars to quell your cravings. Discover our new product and learn how to get your hands on a box of our Lil’ Fair Squares for yourself. 

All About TCHO Mini Chocolate Bars 

If you love the taste of our single-origin chocolate bars or want to try a new flavor, our TCHO mini chocolate bars feature some of our best-selling favorites and newest additions to our selection of bars and baking chocolate. Explore an assortment of plant-based chocolates in bite-size 7g Lil’ Fair Squares. We have dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate in a mini size, so you can enjoy rich and decadent dark chocolate or smooth and creamy milk chocolate in the perfect portion. 

Discover All of Our Decadent Chocolate Products 

TCHO Bite-Sized Dark Chocolate Bars 

Are you ready to try out our Lil’ Fair Squares for yourself? Indulge in our single-origin dark chocolates while you’re relaxing at home or on the go. Holy Fudge and Born Fruity are both available in bite-size squares which are sure to make everyone happy. If you haven’t already experienced the amazing taste of Holy Fudge in our full-size chocolate bar, you’ll need to try it in our smaller size. You’ll love this dense and fudgy cacao truffle-filled dark chocolate from Ghana with a 75% cacao shell and organic ingredients. 

Born Fruity is the perfect complement to the rich dark chocolate in Holy Fudge. This fan-favorite TCHO dark chocolate bar features a lush and fruity flavor with a sweet, crisp finish. Fruit-forward cacao from Peru will tantalize your taste buds, even in a smaller size. Get both mini chocolate bars together in a convenient carton featuring 60 individually wrapped bars. Globe Trotter is the pack you need to get the satisfying dark chocolate flavor in bite size squares. 

TCHO Plant-Based Milk Chocolate in a Mini Size 

Here at TCHO, we make it possible to eat a plant-based diet while enjoying the taste of creamy milk chocolate. If you’re a fan of milk chocolate or you already love our oat milk chocolate bars, be sure to try Toffee Time. The Toffee Time bar is an oat milk chocolate stuffed with bits of vegan toffee and sea salt. It’s a tasty combination of salty and sweet that is just as satisfying in a 7g square as in a whole chocolate bar. Take one with you to enjoy at lunch or as an afternoon snack. You’ll get the perfect touch of sweetness with the flavors of creamy chocolate and butterscotch. 

Fans of caramel tasting notes will appreciate Oat My Gawd as a mini chocolate bar. It’s a delicious plant-based oat milk chocolate that is just as smooth as it is rich in flavor. Our Oatally Awesome carton makes it possible to pick up our bite-sized oat milk chocolate bars in a pack of 60. Share them with friends or store them in the pantry to keep them all to yourself. 

globe trotter chocolate squares

Mini Chocolate Bars Are Convenient and Easy to Store 

There’s no debate that TCHO Lil’ Fair Squares have just as much flavor as our full-size chocolate bars and chocolate gift sets. They’re also convenient enough to take with you to work or send with the kids to school. If you wish, you can even have them with you while you travel. If you’re heading out on vacation and want to take your mini chocolates, does chocolate go bad? While it probably won’t expire while you’re away from home, you should still take steps to store it properly so it doesn’t lose its quality. 

Always keep your bite-size TCHO chocolates in a cool, dry place away from other food. Don’t store your treats in the refrigerator and house them in an airtight container. Keep them in their carton or their individually wrapped packages until you’re ready to eat or share. You can keep the entire carton in your kitchen or move the packages to a storage vessel with an airtight seal. They’ll last through the semester or season, offering a tasty snack in a guilt-free 7g portion. 

Mini Chocolate Bars for the Perfect Portion 

When you’re not quite ready to share a big bar or eat an entire package of chocolate, TCHO mini chocolate bars are the sweetest compromise. Tiny dark chocolate bars and oat milk chocolate squares are the best way to keep everyone happy with tasty treats. They make an excellent gift for the household or for someone who loves to sample chocolate. These delicious bits may even be the ideal portion for someone watching their carbs or sugar. Count calories while bringing something decadent into your day. Or try a mini size before you graduate to bigger bars and gift sets. 

oat my gawd toffee time chocolate squares

Enjoy Bite-Sized Chocolate Perfection 

There are so many reasons to love TCHO bite-sized chocolates, so get snacking! From their shareable size to their guilt-free portion, you’ll love this fun way to enjoy dark chocolate and oat milk chocolate. Have your favorite dessert on hand or infuse a pick-me-up into your weekday. You may even find inspiration for your plant-based recipes. Whatever your reason for loving our Lil’ Fair Squares, we are excited for you to take your first bite.