Productivity + Chocolate

Calling all caffeine lovers: chocolate has caffeine as a naturally occurring ingredient, which means you can experience that enviable coffee buzz from a scrumptious bite of chocolate. Because chocolate is made from cacao beans, a small amount of caffeine is present. And, the darker the chocolate, the more caffeine! This is why white chocolate has no caffeine, whereas a bar of dark chocolate too close to bedtime might keep you wide-eyed. 

This is good news for chocolate lovers who need caffeine to amp up their productivity throughout the day. We all know what one cup of coffee can do for our to-do lists, and it's all the better if we can achieve this same "go get 'em" energy from our favorite food. Rather than solely relying on an espresso shot or an energy drink, eat a darker chocolate. Dark chocolate boasts roughly 12 milligrams of caffeine per ounce. If you prefer milk chocolate, it’s up there too in caffeine content with about 9 milligrams of caffeine per 1.55 ounces. 

Theobromine in Chocolate

Chocolate’s productivity powers go beyond its caffeine, however - another naturally occurring substance found in chocolate is theobromine. Together, caffeine and theobromine may stimulate the central nervous system. Theobromine is considerably more present within chocolate than caffeine, too - in about 50 grams of dark chocolate, there’s 19 milligrams of caffeine and about 250 milligrams of theobromine.  

Make Your Own Mochas 

So, it's no surprise that a popular coffee drink is the mocha: a pairing of chocolate and coffee (how could you go wrong?!). They taste great together, and the presence of chocolate within a hot cup of coffee amps up the overall caffeine level. If you're craving the silky rich taste of chocolate but need a bit more caffeine than a chocolate bar alone can provide, try making a mocha at home. 

All you need is some espresso, hot water, whatever kind of milk you love, and our Drinking Chocolate Crumbles to whip together a delicious mocha. Top with whipped cream and start sippin’! 

TCHO's Mokaccino

If your love for coffee and chocolate has turned you into a mocha fiend, we have the perfect chocolate just for you. Our Mokaccino bar was our first ever flavored chocolate bar and has now won eight International Chocolate Awards. We ground a special blend of Blue Bottle's coffee beans into our custom milk chocolate, for a creamy, lightly caramelly chocolate with just the right amount of roasted coffee goodness. So you'll be as caffeinated as you're satisfied (each 70g bar of Mokaccino has about 156 mg of caffeine or 78mg per serving). Snack on one of our Mokaccino bars as an afternoon snack or a post-lunch dessert for a little fuel to finish your workday!

How lucky are we that chocolate can make us more productive and help us perform our best at work?! #treatTCHOself