TCHO Chocolates: Where Can I Buy Them?

September 28, 2022

Nowadays, there are so many types of chocolate that even vegans can enjoy the tastiest craft chocolate bar. At TCHO, we love making premium vegan chocolate for every taste. This guide is about TCHO chocolate where to buy and which products could be your new favorite. 

Where to Find TCHO Chocolate 

Our bars and baking essentials are available in groceries and whole foods stores. If you want to browse all TCHO chocolate or have it shipped directly to your door, the easiest and best place to shop is on our website. Visit our online shop and discover single chocolate bars and boxes for giving. You’ll also find plant-based baking ingredients and vegan baking products. We make it easy to get the treats you need with free shipping on all orders over $49. Save on shipping and enjoy the convenience of direct, delicious chocolate. 

How to Shop the TCHO Chocolate Store 

It’s easy and fun to shop at the TCHO chocolate store. Navigate to our colorful orange storefront where you’ll find separate sections for bars and baking. You’ll also find a page exclusively for giving gifts. If you prefer, you can shop the entire collection at once. Scroll down and match your flavor preferences to our tasty varieties of dark chocolate. Or browse baking products to decide what you need for your next pastry or dessert. 

Stock Up on Vegan Chocolates

tcho chocolate bars

Browse Plant-Based Chocolate Bars 

Visit the bars section of our shop for our single-origin organic chocolate bars. These tasty and one-of-a-kind snacks are 100% plant-based and vegan. They’re soy free and non-GMO, as well as Fair Trade Certified and certified kosher. Each pack contains individually wrapped chocolate bars for freshness and convenience.  

If you’re ready to begin tasting, you’ll see our dense and fudgy cacao truffle-filled dark chocolate bar. Our Holy Fudge bar is responsibly sourced from Ghana’s world-renowned cacao farms. With tasting notes of crisp brownie edges, you’ll wonder where this delicious plant-based bar has been all your life.  

For those shopping for fruity dark chocolate, you’ll love Born Fruity. It’s a lush cacao truffle-filled dark chocolate from Peru with deep fruit notes and a sweet, crisp finish. With only seven grams of sugar, you can feel good about your snacking. 

Some chocolate lovers want the best of both origins. You’re in luck with Dark Duo, a tantalizing Holy Fudge chocolate bar filled with Born Fruity cacao truffles. This is a distinguished cacao experience you won’t find anywhere else with a 75% cacao shell. 

The flavor doesn’t stop there! Almonds fans will go nuts over the Aww Nuts! bar, rich dark chocolate filled with almond butter and sea salt. Aww Nuts! is made with locally roasted small-batch almonds. Take a much-needed snack break and enjoy impeccable nut flavor and lower sugar. 

At TCHO, you’ll find plant-based chocolate that feels like a pick-me-up. Our Choco Latte bar is a fan favorite, with bold coffee truffle-filled plant-based oat milk chocolate. It’s made with organic coffee beans from one of our favorite local roasters. Energize the second half of your day with creamy and caramelly notes at a delicious 47% cacao shell. 

If you like the buttery taste of toffee, you need to try our award-winning Toffee Time bar. It’s a creamy plant-based oat milk chocolate with bits of vegan toffee and sea salt. It has only seven grams of sugar but still hits your sweet spot. Keep shopping for our chocolate bars to find small batch offerings and our chocolate variety packs. 

assortment of tcho bars

Plant-Based Chocolate Baking Products 

With vegan and plant-based baking, you can enjoy wholesome, delicious treats and desserts. Whether you’re a novice baker or looking to add new skills to your set, you’ll love shopping TCHO chocolate products. Go to the baking section of our shop and start browsing. If you’re searching for quality 100% pure cacao, our Dark & Bitter is unsweetened with no added sugar or flavors. We also have a Sweet & Sassy variety of bittersweet baking chocolate made with 66% cacao. 

Shop our baking products and you’ll find non-alkalized and unsweetened cocoa powder. We also have toasty roasted cacao nibs and drinking chocolate crumbles. Our crumbles are perfect for making mochas or that perfect cup of hot cocoa. 

If you’re searching for premium vegan baking discs, our varieties have great melting characteristics and outstanding cacao flavors. They’re so delicious you can eat them right out of the bag. Browse our extensive selection to find the right chocolate for your cookies or tarts. When you can’t choose just one product, we have a baking variety pack. Get home baking essentials for one low price, including unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder. 

Chocolate Gift Boxes 

Everyone loves chocolate, so we curated our craft chocolate into convenient chocolate gift boxes. They’re in the gift section of our shop. These variety packs are perfect for the plant-based foodie and the premium chocolate lover. Choose from a box featuring our origins flavors or a selection of our chocolate pairings. We also have a combination of our pairings and origins flavors. 

Enjoy a three-pack or a six-pack of our chocolate bars. A 12-bar or 18-bar chocolate variety pack makes it easy to hand out our latest dark and oat milk chocolates. Our baking variety pack is also available on our page of gift boxes. 

Discovering Your New Favorite Chocolate 

We offer something delicious and plant-based for everyone! If you don’t see our chocolate in your local store, visit our website for everything you need. Order when you’re craving craft chocolate or subscribe and save 10% on your orders. Baking and snacking can be tasty and wholesome. We can’t wait for you to buy TCHO chocolate and try it yourself!