TCHO Chocolate Traceability

December 06, 2021

Well, hello there. You made the journey from our product in hand to our space online all because of QR code technology. Pretty wild.

And you know what else is wild? How about us sharing the google sheet where we track all our cacao purchasing at the links below. You'll be able to see what origins and, in many cases, which farmers we work with to co-create our incredible cacao beans. This document is live and updated every time we purchase cacao.

An Investment in Beyond Quality

Traceability and transparency are the essential precursors to the dynamic relationships that allow TCHO to co-create delicious cacao. Quite simply, you must know who you are working with to have meaningful conversations and collaborations, and that’s the cornerstone of what we do here at TCHO and the starting point of all excellent chocolate making.

Most issues in the cacao industry stem from the low prices cacao farmers get paid for their beans. The commodity market price for cacao often dips significantly below the cost of cacao production. Fair Trade and Organic premiums (cash over the market price of cacao), combined with our own TCHO quality premiums, means more money for farmers to cover their living expenses, cost of production, farm maintenance, capital investment, school fees, doctor visits, and more. We cannot overstate the importance of long-term commercial partnerships and paying more for cacao. Please see our TCHO Source page for more information about our years of work in farming communities worldwide.