What Is Lactose-Free Chocolate? 

July 07, 2023

Do you love chocolate but have lactose intolerance? No worries, because you can still enjoy your favorite treat. Lactose-free chocolate can be just as delicious as other varieties. There is a lactose-free TCHO product for everyone, from vegan chocolate bars to quality baking chocolate. Learn more about lactose-free chocolate and how to choose the best products. 

What Is Lactose? 

Lactose is a sugar found naturally in cow’s milk. Most people can digest it, but others do not have enough of the enzyme lactase in their small intestines. As the undigested lactose sugars reach the large intestine, the lactose intolerant person experiences digestive distress symptoms. 

Why Some Chocolate Is Lactose-Free  

There are many reasons why chocolate is lactose-free. Some products are made especially for lactose-intolerant individuals. Other chocolate is lactose-free because it doesn’t contain milk products. TCHO dark chocolate bars are an example of lactose-free chocolate made with organic cacao and cocoa butter. 

Take a bite of our Holy Fudge or Born Fruity dark chocolate bars to taste chocolate from world-renowned cacao farms. These bars are lactose-free because they are 100% plant-based, dairy-free products. Here at TCHO, we even make oat milk chocolate. If you like milk chocolate flavor, you can still enjoy creamy milk chocolate without the cow’s milk. 

Our baking chocolate is also lactose-free. Use our Sweet & Sassy 66% or Hella Dark 81% to make desserts and treats. Each time you use them, you’re baking plant-based or vegan. At TCHO, our vegan chocolate is safe for those who can’t consume lactose. Indulge in the flavors you love without guilt or worry. 

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When to Choose Lactose-Free Chocolate  

When is it best to choose lactose-free chocolate? The most important reason to eat it is if you have lactose intolerance. With lactose-free chocolate, you’ll save yourself from the digestive symptoms that come with the inability to digest lactose. Many kinds of lactose-free chocolate do not contain cow’s milk at all. 

Check the ingredients label to be sure there are no traces of milk products. If the chocolate is dairy-free, you can eat it even if you’re vegan or have a dairy allergy. Some chocolate lovers choose lactose-free chocolate even if they don’t have lactose intolerance. Our dark chocolate bars and oat milk chocolate bars are so delicious that you won’t even realize they’re vegan. 

Lactose-Free Chocolate from TCHO 

If you’re lactose intolerant, the best part about TCHO chocolate is that it’s all lactose-free. Whether you’re into mini chocolate bars or bittersweet drinking chocolate, you can enjoy the delicious taste without digestive illness. Here are some of the types of TCHO chocolate you can enjoy without cow’s milk as an ingredient: 

Dark Chocolate 

Our single-origin dark chocolate bars are full of dense and fudgy flavors. And, no, they do not include any trace of milk products. Try Dark Duo, a lush and fruity cacao truffle-filled dark chocolate bar offering a distinguished cacao experience. 

If you like truffle-filled dark chocolate, sample our scrumptious chocolate inclusions like Aww Nuts! and Choco Latte. These milk-free bars are stuffed with vegan ingredients like almond butter and coffee truffles. It’s a lactose-free chocolate experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

Oat Milk Chocolate

Oat milk chocolate has much to offer for the chocolate lover with lactose intolerance. It tastes like regular milk chocolate but lacks cow’s milk to cause an upset stomach. Try our Toffee Time bar, a creamy plant-based oat milk chocolate mixed with flakes of sea salt and bits of vegan toffee. 

Our bite-size oat milk chocolate bars are perfect to take with you. They’re also an excellent way to watch your portions. Make Oatally Awesome a part of our day to enjoy non-dairy, non-GMO milk chocolate free of lactose. 

Baking Chocolate

Our baking chocolate is perfect for the lactose-intolerant baker! Get an introduction to our lactose-free products with our baking variety pack. Each bundle includes our roasted cacao nibs and bittersweet drinking chocolate. 

The TCHO baking variety pack also includes our famous non-alkalized cocoa powder. We round out the baker’s essentials with bittersweet baking chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. Now you have everything you need to make the sweetest treats without the dairy. 

Chocolate Gifts 

If you know someone lactose intolerant but loves to eat chocolate, our chocolate gifts are a welcome choice. We have gift boxes and chocolate variety packs for every special occasion. Whether celebrating a birthday or holiday, you can choose from our single-origin chocolate bars and pairings for a tasty, well-appreciated present. We won’t tell if you buy our chocolate gifts for yourself! 

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Enjoy Delicious Plant-Based Chocolate Your Way 

Now you can enjoy the most delicious chocolate, even if you have lactose intolerance. With TCHO, you can bask in the freedom of plant-based chocolate your way. Whether you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate, dairy-free chocolate is for you. 

Our chocolate bars and baking chocolate are appropriate for various special diets, including low-carb and vegan. Is chocolate gluten free? TCHO chocolate is, so you can also eat it if you’re on a gluten-free diet. There are so many reasons to love our TCHO products. If you have lactose intolerance, we encourage you to try it. Let us know your feedback!