What to Dip in Chocolate Fondue

Do you know what to dip in chocolate fondue? Get the best ideas from TCHO for a chocolate fondue party, including delicious food and chocolate pairings.
June 01, 2023

Chocolate fondue makes it fun to play with your food. Grab a fondue pot with a set of dipping forks and have a DIY tasting session. It’s the perfect activity for a family dessert night or a get-together with friends. The star of your dessert is creamy melted chocolate made with TCHO vegan chocolate bars or TCHO plant-based chocolate discs for baking. Feel free to use different types of chocolate, like rich dark chocolate or smooth oat milk chocolate, to make the perfect treat or snack pairing. Yes, you can even choose white chocolate or ultra-dark chocolate! 

Get creative and melt more than one chocolate. There are so many ways to create combinations for every sweet tooth in your group. Once you melt your chocolate, it’s time to decide what to dip in chocolate fondue. The flavor profiles of chocolate are complex like wine, so you have plenty of options. Discover delightful food and dessert ideas for dipping, including chocolate and cheese combinations. We’ll also share our favorite fruit and baked goods. Discover delicious vegan desserts or a unique alternative to your usual treats. Fondue night is sure to please!

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Fruit is a classic chocolate pairing. It’s divine when paired with dark chocolate bars and lush fruit-forward chocolate. Strawberries are a classic choice for chocolate fondue, but you’ll also love the combination of melted chocolate and sliced bananas. Try cherries or raspberries with dark chocolate or milk chocolate. We like to pair TCHO oat milk white chocolate with oranges or blueberries. 

More recommended chocolate fondue and fruit pairings include pears and apples. You can even dip melon and peaches. Are you feeling tropical? Dip pineapple or papaya in chocolate. Experiment with fruit flavor combinations to discover what tastes best with your favorite chocolate. Don’t forget to try dried fruit like raisins and figs. 



If you’ve always wanted to try cheese and chocolate, now is your chance. These foods’ rich and creamy, sweet-and-salty flavors and textures pair well together. We like to try out all the new plant-based cultured cheeses coming on the market. Many mimic some old favorites you remember. We recommend Brie cheese when making chocolate fondue. Brie offers an earthy and buttery flavor that combines perfectly with sweet milk chocolate. 

If you like ultra dark chocolate with a 70% or higher cacao content, try a chocolate and cheese pairing with blue cheese. The fudgy and bitter notes from the melted dark chocolate will complement the blue cheese’s funky, sharp flavor.  More pairings include cheddar cheese with sea salt chocolate and “goat” cheese with rich dark chocolate. Try Spanish Manchego cheese with a fruit-forward chocolate bar for a unique flavor combination. Italian Parmesan Reggiano pairs well with nutty chocolate, like our TCHO oat milk chocolate with almond butter. 

Snacks and Baked Goods 

Are you creating a tray of snacks to sample? Mini pretzels dipped in melted dark chocolate are always a tasty treat. If you prefer, try mini pretzel rods. Dip vegan marshmallows or graham cracker pieces. You can even dunk brownie squares or slices of cake. Sponge cake and red velvet cake will taste delicious when dipped in chocolate fondue. It’s also a hit when you serve angel food cake or chocolate cake pieces. 

Some fondue lovers like the combination of smooth chocolate and shortbread. Cookies also work well with fondue, especially chocolate chip cookies or vanilla wafers. Add biscotti to the list, especially chocolate chip or pistachio. If you’re feeling indulgent, you can try dipping a large and sturdy potato chip in dark chocolate. Bits of Rice Krispie Treats and creamy cheesecake taste amazing with milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Finally, a chocolate sourdough bread or brioche loaf gives your fondue session a nice variance in taste and texture. 

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Chocolate Fondue: A Tasty, Interactive Treat

Chocolate fondue makes snacks and desserts more fun. It’s simple and delicious to melt TCHO chocolate into a creamy delight for friends and family. Try one or more types of chocolate and get started. You can’t go wrong with organic plant-based chocolate made with quality ingredients. As you experiment with your fondue, you may find a new favorite food and chocolate pairing.