Shiao’s Handmade Peppermint Bark

...from Shiao Williams-Sheng

Shaio's Handmade Peppermint Bark

8 ounces TCHO Pro 60.5% Dark Chocolate Discs
2 ounces old fashioned peppermint sticks, about 5, 6 inch sticks
1/8 teaspoon peppermint extract (for an extra minty option)

1. Find a cool spot in your house and set up your fan with an area to place the sheet pan once the bark is ready to chill.
2. Crush the peppermint sticks into 1/8 inch bits, you can either use a thick plastic bag and break them up using a wooden spoon or a mortar and pestle. Set the peppermint aside, pulling out 1/4 cup for sprinkling on the top of the bark.
3. Temper the chocolate according to the instructions on the bag. While the chocolate is tempering, cut a piece of parchment to fit the sheet pan.
4. Once the chocolate is tempered, stir in the crushed peppermint (and peppermint extract, if desired), pour it onto the sheet pan spreading to about a 1/3 of an inch thick. Sprinkle the remaining peppermint evenly over the bark and place of the direct flow of the fan to chill.
5. Once the bark has hardened, break it up and enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa or just by itself!