Maker's Series: Black Lime + French Thyme 70g Bar



Micro-Batch No. 12 of the Maker's Series
Total bars made: 647
Handcrafted on 9/10/19

The combination of citrus and herbs might evoke memories of savory feasts, and honestly, that's exactly the bit of inspiration that lead to this micro batch...  This may be a chocolate bar, but the pairing of Black Lime and French Thyme still has all the savory feels.

For our 12th release, we wanted to pay homage to a classic combination with our twist by embracing the zesty "funk" from the black lime and the lighter piney, minty, and peppery French thyme.  These unusual flavors layer together with the 68% dark chocolate for an herbal and tangy kick of umami that will leave you craving your next bite...

Each batch of the Maker's Series features a new flavor handcrafted by our Chocolate Makers.

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