Dark Chocolate "Mint Chip Gelato" 12x70g Bars




International Chocolate Award | 2018 Silver Americas

Every now and then, we like to try something different at TCHO. So, when it came time to create a mint chocolate bar we used the same process developed by NASA to make ice cream for astronauts. Working with our local partners-in-flavor at Gelateria Naia, we freeze-dried their custom mint gelato into crunchy chunks and plunged them into a rich dark chocolate blend. The result is four-time-award-winning intergalactic flavor: mint chip nuggets that deliver crisp, cool, refreshing minty taste in a dark chocolate bar that’s out of this world. Fair Trade Certified, in this or any other galaxy.

Made with Organic Chocolate Fair Trade Certified‚Ñ¢ by Fair Trade USA

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