Maker's Series: Grapefruit + Ginger 70g Bar



International Chocolate Award | 2019 Bronze Americas
Micro-Batch No. 10 of the Maker's Series
Total bars made: 568
Handcrafted on 3/18/19

This round we paired up the two bold flavors of grapefruit + ginger with a bright dark chocolate for a balanced bar chock-full of intoxicating and aromatic flavors.

For our 10th release, we crafted a 68% single-origin dark chocolate from Madagascar with its own citrusy notes to serve as the rich and distinctive foundation that melds with the zesty, warmth from the ginger; lively, floral and juicy notes from the grapefruit; and just a touch of lingering bitterness to balance out this combo's soft sweetness.

Each batch of the Maker's Series features a new flavor handcrafted by our Chocolate Makers.

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients

Maker's Series: Grapefruit + Ginger Nutrifact