Limited Edition

Christopher Elbow x TCHO Variety Pack

One each of our small batch confection collaborations with Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

$74.97 $64.99

Fair Squares Bundle

Both boxes of 60 count assorted small bite chocolates.

$99.98 $89.99
New Item

Singles Variety Pack

One each of our new 23g Singles in three fan favorite flavors.

$86.97 $74.99

12-Bar Chocolate Variety Pack

Two each of our newest dark & oat-milk chocolates.

$71.88 $59.99

18-Bar Chocolate Variety Pack

Three each of all our latest dark & oat-milk chocolates.

$107.82 $84.99
Best Seller

3-Bar Best-Seller Variety Pack

One each of our best selling chocolate bars.

$17.97 $16.99

3-Bar Dark Chocolate Variety Pack

One each of our truffle filled dark chocolates from Ghana & Peru.

$17.97 $16.99

6-Bar Chocolate Variety Pack

All six of our bars, featuring both dark & oat-milk chocolates.

$35.94 $34.99

Baking Variety Pack

All five of our home baking essentials.

$39.95 $37.99
Limited Edition

VegNews Mother's Day Gift Box

Six of our best-sellers in one delicious gift box.

$39.99 $39.99
Limited Edition

Perfect Matcha

Small batch strawberry-matcha latté oat milk white chocolate.

$29.97 $9.99
Limited Edition

Dark & Spicy Almonds

Spicy, cinnamon dark chocolate covered roasted almonds from Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

$24.99 $16.63
Limited Edition

Lemon Blueberry

Lemon, oat milk white chocolate covered blueberries from Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

$24.99 $16.63
Limited Edition

Mocha Almonds

Coffee, vanilla oat milk chocolate covered roasted almonds from Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

$24.99 $16.63
Limited Edition

Choco Natchos

Small batch super loaded spicy nachos in cheesy chocolate bites.

$25.00 $16.63

Get crazy about craft chocolate.

Here at TCHO, we believe chocolate should be wholesome and delicious! That's why we're on an everyday mission to bring you the best chocolate products around. Browse the chocolate flavors in our collections, and you're sure to find something you love. From rich and fudgy dark chocolate to creamy oat milk chocolate, we have a delicious, plant-based bar for everyone.

Shop here for all chocolate flavors, including vegan and non-GMO chocolate bars. We also have vegan baking essentials and chocolate gift boxes for the true chocolate lover. Discover special releases and tickets for chocolate factory tours.

Your favorite chocolate, fair and square.

All our chocolates are vegan and non-GMO with lower sugar than our previous chocolate bars. They're also Fair Trade Certified and certified kosher. Go ahead, grab that 18-bar chocolate variety pack with our latest dark and oat milk chocolates. And for home bakers, try a baking variety pack and begin mastering every recipe in your kitchen. There are so many ways to indulge in tasty premium craft chocolate.

Premium vegan and plant-based chocolate

TCHO Chocolate is flavorful and luscious because it's made from high-quality ingredients. Our cacao's origins give our chocolate its unique flavor and tasting notes. Shop for lush and dense varieties of vegan dark chocolate with craft chocolate bars like Holy Fudge and Born Fruity. Or get the best of both origins with our sophisticated Dark Duo bar.

If you're searching for something creamy and satisfying, our Choco Latté and Toffee Time bars are made with oat milk chocolate. You'll also find plant-based baking chocolate and chocolate gift boxes for every occasion and celebration. TCHO chocolate is the choice of the pros! While you love it at home, you'll find it in kitchens across the country making some of the best desserts you'll ever eat.

Go beyond bean-to-bar.

Make your world a better place with TCHO plant-based chocolate! Get inspired with our chocolate bars and baking discs. Whether you're looking for craft drinking chocolate or tasty lower sugar confections, we have you covered. Up your baking game or eat with purpose. It's all possible with chocolate meant to stand out.