TCHO Recipes


Pairing chocolate is one of TCHO’s favorite past-times. Experimenting with new combinations is the best part of our week. But don’t take our word for it. When it comes to your own personal taste, there’s no right or wrong. Dabble and discover your own stellar combinations and share the love on social media with #treatTCHOself.

Wine and chocolate can be tricky to pair, but when it’s good, it’s great and so worth the effort! We tend to go by the sweeter the wine, the better the pairing. Pour a glass, snap a bar, and give it a try!


Pinot Noir + "Nutty" Ecuador
Sauternes + Hazelnut Chunk
Chardonnay + 39% Classic Milk
Aged Port + "Chocolatey" Ghana


Beer is fermented, just like chocolate (say what?), which unlocks magical complementary flavors and aromatics. Both nuanced. Both delicious. Get funky with a fave beer and some TCHO.


English Brown Ale + 64% Almond + Sea Salt
Stout or Porter + "Chocolatey" Ghana
Flemish Red or Sour + 53% Cacao Milk
West Coast IPA + 53% Cacao Milk


Happy hour, here we come! Aged spirits are some of the easiest and most delicious to pair. With the right combo, the chocolate and spirits transform into a swirl of aromatics for an unrivaled spiritual experience (see what we did there?).


Bourbon + 53% Cacao Milk
Scotch + 81% Extra Dark
Aged Rum + 39% Classic Milk
Cognac + Hazelnut Chunk