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"At Buho Bakery, my philosophy is to support local businesses and TCHO happens to support their local community too. We use local ingredients, like TCHO and sell our products to local shops, we just love introducing people to it. "

Fave TCHO Chocolate:
"I use the TCHO 39% Classic Milk Chocolate my chocolate mousse, I love the caramel and butterscotch notes in the chocolate."

Where do you find your inspiration? 
"My family keeps me going every day."

Fave Kitchen Tool:
"My favorite tool is the bowl scraper that TCHO gave me. I use it for making mousses, cake, and bread, it’s my go-to tool."


Award-winning pastry chef, David Rodriguez is the chef and owner of Buho Bakery located in Nevada City, CA.

Chef David Rodriguez

Rodriguez was raised in Southern California, where Mexican cuisine was influential in his life. Rodriguez earned his Patisserie and Baking certificate at The Le Cordon Bleu program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena.

Rodriguez's newfound interest led him to work in various places and gain experience in all aspects of the kitchen. Rodriguez has trained under Chef Michael Cimarusti and Adrian Vasquez at Providence in Los Angeles, Chef Jordan Kahn at XIV by Michael Mina, and Michael Mina’s Corporate Chef Lincoln Carson. Rodriguez also helped open Red Medicine with Chef Jordan Kahn acting as both Pastry and Sous Chef.

In 2011, Rodriguez returned to Providence as Executive Pastry Chef, earning a StarChefs Rising Star Pastry Chef Award in 2014. Then decided to take a leap of faith and opened Buho Bakery in Nevada City, CA in 2019, where today he meticulously makes everything from scratch in a small convection oven.


Can you introduce yourself and your bakery?

DAVID: I am the Owner and Executive Chef of Buho Bakery located in Nevada City, CA where everything we serve is baked fresh daily. We believe that good food compliments every big or small moment in life. Our commitment to our customers is to use only the highest quality ingredients and support local farms and vendors whenever possible.

How did you decide to pursue the Culinary Arts?

DAVID: I was raised in Southern California, where Mexican cuisine was influential in my life. As I started making and sharing Mexican-inspired meals with family and friends, my passion for food was discovered. I decided to enroll in The Le Cordon Bleu program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena and ended up performing exemplary skills in the pastry department. This newfound interest led me to work in various places and gain experience in all aspects of the kitchen.

Were you always a pastry chef?

DAVID: No, at one point, I was acting as both Pastry and Sous Chef, when I helped open Red Medicine with Chef Jordan Kahn, where we collaborated to create a unique and captivating dessert menu. I believe that any pastry chef can pick up skills that a savory chef can execute, however, it’s much more difficult for a savory chef to pick up pastry skills and techniques. That’s why I’m encouraging my son to start in pastry, then explore savory if he wishes.  

You mentioned that you are baking everything from scratch by yourself, and that you have a son interested in cooking? Tell us about that.

DAVID: I bake everything from scratch everyday in a 2,000 square foot kitchen and sell our pastries out of a window attached to the bakeshop. I love it.

I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to hire my sixteen year old son, who helps me at the bakery. I am currently trying to encourage him to pursue a career in baking and pastry as well. My family keeps me going every day.

Tell us about your role at the bakery and how you find inspiration.

DAVID: I am at the bakery before the sun comes up every morning getting our pastries ready to bake everything we make from. Once the bakery opens, I’m still baking and juggling helping our customers when they walk up to the window to order food from us. I make drinks, serve our guests and handle checkout. Not only am I involved in every aspect of the bakery, I’m always dreaming up new recipes and finding inspiration through my four children.

What’s next for Buho Bakery?

DAVID: We are going to focus on staying small and fine tuning everything we have started. For example, we are located between Tahoe and Sacramento, California where a lot of tourists end up. There isn’t much demand in our town for sustainable food but that element is starting to change. Because my bakery is so small, I have had the opportunity to work directly with local restaurants and make bread for them. I love it because it makes me feel like I am helping build a community through my industry relationships.

We are also exploring a tea service because the space I am currently working out of has an outdoor patio that we can utilize.

What are some of the desserts you use TCHO Chocolate for at Buho Bakery?

DAVID: We use TCHO in our Milk Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut cookie butter, salted caramel, crème fraiche with cocoa crumbs. We use the TCHO 39% milk chocolate for the chocolate mousse (I love the caramel notes), plus TCHO Natural Cocoa Powder for the Cocoa Crumb to balance out the sweetness of the mousse and house made cookie butter (spreadable Sable cookie made with hazelnut flour).



Chocolate Dough
500g Milk
16.5g Yeast
1 Egg
150g Brown Sugar
15g Salt
150g Butter
910g All-Purpose Flour
90g TCHO Natural Cocoa Powder

Chocolate Filling
130g Butter
190g Brown Sugar
110g 1st TCHO 81% Dark Chocolate
60g TCHO Natural Cocoa Powder
2.5g Cinnamon (Mexican cinnamon, preferred)
2g Sea Salt
30g TCHO Roasted Cacao Nibs
125g 2nd TCHO 81% Dark Chocolate, chopped


Chocolate Filling

  1. Combine the TCHO Natural Cocoa Powder, cinnamon, and salt in a medium size bowl. Set aside.
  2. Melt the butter and brown sugar in a medium size saucepan until fully melted. Gently mix together with a whisk.
  3. Add the 1st TCHO 81% Dark Chocolate and let melt, still gently whisking.
  4. Add the dry ingredients; TCHO Cocoa Powder, cinnamon, and salt and mix together with a spatula on low heat.
  5. Once everything is fully melted pour the mixture into a small bowl and let cool. Set aside.
  6. Save the TCHO Cocoa Nibs and 2nd TCHO 81% Dark Chocolate for assembly...


Búho Bakery
Nevada City, CA

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