We’ve installed 10 Flavor Labs at various origins throughout the world, including our own lab in Berkeley, CA factory. Meet some of the amazing partners we work with who utilize Flavor Labs to co-create the best chocolate…


Florence Deglo is the heartbeat of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana’s plant breeding laboratory. She is in charge of all chocolate making and ensuring that the cocoa being bred is not only high-yielding and disease-resistant, but tastes delicious in way that represents what Ghana cacao is famous for: deep rich brown fudgy notes.


Elizabeth Burgos is in charge of quality assurance at the Flavor Lab in the Conacado cooperative in the Dominican Republic. Elizabeth monitors the quality of the cacao coming out of the cooperative and makes sure it meets high quality and flavor standards.


Javier works in the Esmeraldas region - named for it’s deep green and lush landscape - of Ecuador at the UORPOCAE cooperative. He is the Flavor Lab manager who ensures that the cacao being produced reaches the high standards set by the co-op.