Our Story

TCHO was born nearly 15 years ago out of a shared obsession to reimagine the world of chocolate from the ground up.

Curiosity ruled our every move as we set out to rethink every step of the chocolate-making process and bring tools and resources directly to our farmer partners, which often meant innovating through technology. Which, makes sense as we were founded by NASA tech wizard Timothy Childs, a forty-year chocolate vet, and operated by Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe, the founders of Wired magazine, from 2007 to 2014.

The bridge from our founding to the present day is the one and only Brad Kintzer, our Chief Chocolate Maker. An expert taster and industry leader in cacao sensory analysis, Brad has led TCHO's chocolate-making for over a decade and has pioneered new systems allowing us to co-create better cocoa with our farmer partners. The heart of our efforts to reimagine the chocolate industry is our TCHO Source program, led by our Director of TCHO Source, Laura Sweitzer.

As a certified B Corporation, we lean on our founding value of curiosity to find new ways to use our business to better the world through chocolate.

That's why TCHO is Chocolate. Fair & Square.

Made in Berkeley, California!

We craft all of our chocolate at our state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Berkeley, California.

Each batch of chocolate can take up to 48 hours to complete and produces roughly 40,000 chocolate bars.

Award Winning Chocolate

Over the years, TCHO has won over thirty awards for our chocolate. Ranging from best organic bar to best dark chocolate with inclusions (such as almonds).

And while it's not all about the awards, we certainly put quality over all else when it comes to chocolate making. Our factory in Berkeley is SQF Certified, one of the highest and most rigorous certifications a food manufacturer can hold.

At TCHO, we simply want to create the most delicious chocolate you've ever had in your life. And do it in a safe and ethical way.