12 Bars of TCHO


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(Not that kind of bar...)

Can't choose just one flavor? We can't either. This assortment features our single-origin dark chocolate, pure milk chocolates, and every one of our pairings bars (chocolate + delicious ingredients, like nuts, fruit, or toffee). Tantalize your taste buds with 12 of our 70g bars!


(1) Mint Chip Gelato Dark Chocolate
(1) Toffee + Sea Salt Milk Chocolate
(1) 95% Deep Dark Chocolate 
(1) Banana Nut Dark Chocolate
(2) Classic 39% Milk Chocolate
(1) Triple Berry Dark Chocolate
(1) Pretzel Crunch Milk Chocolate

(1) Extra Dark 81% Dark Chocolate
(1) Toasted Cornflake Milk Chocolate
(1) Almond + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
(1) Mokaccino Milk Chocolate

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients