18 Bars of TCHO



(Not that kind of bar...)

Can't choose just one flavor? We can't either. This assortment features our single-origin dark chocolates, pure milk chocolates, and every one of our pairings bars (chocolate + delicious ingredients, like nuts, fruit, or toffee). Tantalize your taste buds with our 70g bars!


(1) Extra Dark 81% Dark Chocolate
(1) Chocolatey 70% Dark Chocolate
(1) Classic 39% Milk Chocolate
(1) Cacao 53% Milk Chocolate
(1) Mokaccino Milk Chocolate
(2) Toffee + Sea Salt Milk Chocolate
(2) Almond + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
(1) Coconut Crisp Dark Chocolate
(1) Hazelnut Chunk Milk Chocolate
(1) Mint Chip Gelato Dark Chocolate
(1) Triple Berry Dark Chocolate
(1) NEW! Banana Nut Dark Chocolate
(1) NEW! Cinnamon Spice Milk Chocolate
(1) NEW! Snickerdoodle Milk Chocolate
(2) NEW! Pretzel Crunch Milk Chocolate

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients