Assorted Single-Origin Dark Chocolates 8g Carton


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At TCHO, one of our oldest and truest passions is, and always will be, showcasing the kaleidoscopic range of flavors found in cacao.  When trying each different origin, you'll be able to taste distinct flavor profiles developed by the terroir of the region where the cacao was grown.

We've spent years building direct relationships with cacao farmers all over the world to co-create delicious cacao beans and to craft our single-origin dark chocolates.  We can't wait for you to try them all with our largest single-origin dark chocolate assortment! 

Contains approximately 100, 8g chocolate squares:

70% Dark Chocolate from Ghana | Extremely rich and fudgy notes

68% Dark Chocolate from Peru | Hints of stone fruit and ripe berries

67% Dark Chocolate from Madagascar | Subtle and smooth citrusy zing


Certified Kosher DE by Earth Kosher

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients

 Assorted Single Origin Dark Chocolate Carton Nutritional Info