Baking Bundle



Everything you need to level up your baked goods and experiment in the kitchen. Amp up the chocolate in your brownies with 100% unsweetened chocolate, mix up some chocolate chip cookies with our 66% dark chocolates, or caramelize some cacao nibs for the perfect garnish! The options are limitless. Now preheat that oven and break out those measuring cups!


(1) Bittersweet Chocolate 66% 8oz. Baking Bag
(1) Unsweetened Chocolate 99% 8oz. Baking Bag
(1) Roasted Cacao Nibs  222g Bag
(1) Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 190g Bag
(1) Drinking Chocolate Crumbles 250g Bag

Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients

Nutritional info will be here before you know it! Thanks in advance for your patience. If you just can't hold in your enthusiasm for nutrition any longer, feel free to reach out to and we'll help you out!