Maker's Series: Bramble + Rose 70g Bar



Micro-Batch No. 9 of the Maker's Series
Total bars made: 546
Handcrafted on 1/8/19

For our 9th release, we found ourselves flirting with the concepts that we commonly connect to romance and l'amour; flowers, ripe berries, and chocolate.  (And just in time for Valentine's Day!)


Starting with a custom fudgy dark chocolate with fruity notes, we folded in tart red raspberries and curiously sweet and herbal, crushed pink pink peppercorns; finishing with light notes of rose and cardamom.


Even if you're not into Valentine's Day, this bouquet of flavors is sure to please the adventurous spirit!

Each batch of the Maker's Series features a new flavor handcrafted by our Chocolate Makers.


Nutrition Facts + Ingredients

Bramble + Rose Nutrifact