Milk Chocolate "Cacao" 53% 12x70g Bars




Get 12 bars for the price of 10!

This is milk chocolate that goes straight to the pleasure center of your brain. And lights it up. TCHO's Milk Chocolate ‚Cacao 53%‚ ambitiously navigates the world between a dark and milk chocolate, and the result is a multiple International Chocolate Award winner. While technically a milk chocolate, the high cocoa content results in a flavor profile that evokes thoughts of a dense chocolate ice cream. Intense chocolteyness balanced by a decadent creaminess. This gateway chocolate has converted many dark chocolate purists into milk chocolate fans...and vice versa.

Certified Organic by CCOF Fair Trade Certified‚Ñ¢ by Fair Trade USA Certified Kosher D by Earth Kosher

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients

53% Dark Milk Chocolate Nutritional Info