Organic Bundle

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Just like so many of our favorite foods and ingredients, chocolate comes from plants (the cacao tree, sugar cane, fruits, nuts, and more).  It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway...just in case) that keeping our rad planet healthy is in our best interest as humans and also as chocolate-lovers.  Our cacao is sourced through direct partnerships with amazing cooperatives that plant biodiverse crops and employ methods of regenerative agriculture to improve our soil, water, and air quality while making some delicious cacao.


So, we wanted to create a delicious Earth-friendly bundle with some of our certified Organic chocolates and a new canvas TCHO tote made from recycled post-consumer materials!  After noshing on these chocolates, be sure to recycle the foil and paper we use to wrap our chocolate bars, too!



(1) TCHO #treatTCHOself Tote made from  recycled post-consumer materials
(1) 95% Deep Dark Chocolate
(2) Extra Dark 81% Dark Chocolate
(1) Classic 39% Milk Chocolate
(2) Mokaccino Milk Chocolate
(1) Mint Chip Gelato Dark Chocolate
(1) Almond + Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
(2) Toffee + Sea Salt Milk Chocolate
(2) Triple Berry Dark Chocolate
(1) Banana Nut Dark Chocolate
(1) Toasted Cornflake Milk Chocolate

Certified Organic by CCOF

Nutrition Facts + Ingredients