3 Vegan Holiday Recipes

January 04, 2023

With so many tasty vegan substitutes and plant-based ingredients, it’s time to make it the best vegan holiday ever. Enjoy delicious winter desserts and must-have seasonal treats. All the vegan holiday recipes on our list taste amazing. Best of all, you can create them in the comfort and warmth of your kitchen. Try each of them for an unforgettable holiday season! 

1. Fudgy Vegan Chocolate Cookies  

Cookies are a perfect holiday treat because they’re easy to dole out to guests. Plus, they’re travel-friendly! Take them to visit friends or spruce up a seasonal celebration. The TCHO pros have plenty of vegan chocolate cookie recipes to inspire you, all using our tasty vegan chocolate bars or baking chocolate. Some of our holiday favorites include Chocolate Tahini Snowflake Cookies for an unforgettable vegan twist on a classic. 

Our chocolate chip cookie recipe is so famous around here that we simply refer to it as The Cookie! Ingredients like dark chocolate and orange zest give each batch its special flavor. For those looking for something unique and adventurous, try our Chocolate Miso Cookies with sweet white miso paste and roasted cacao nibs. They also include our mosaic chocolate discs for baking. All the chocolate to make these treats can be found in the TCHO shop. While you’re free to experiment with our flavors, our favorite varieties for making cookies include the Real Fudgy bar and our Choco Charms 60.5% cacao baking discs. You’ll even find dense dark chocolate and lush, fruit-forward chocolate. Shop around to see what inspires you!  

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2. Plant-Based Chocolate Peppermint Bark  

Chocolate peppermint bark is a bright and creamy treat to put you in a festive mood! Better yet, you can create it in your kitchen using TCHO chocolate. If this candy is new to you, we’ll give you some tips on how to make peppermint bark in your kitchen. 

First, gather the ingredients! You can choose from bittersweet or dark chocolate for your recipe. You’ll also need vegan white chocolate to complete the treat, so we recommend our Sweet & Sassy chocolate discs for baking. You can use our Choco Blanco oat milk white chocolate for the peppermint candy layer. Creamy plant-based white chocolate keeps this dessert vegan. To finish the recipe, grab quality peppermint extract and crushed candy canes. 

While vegan peppermint bark looks elaborate, you can DIY it in four easy steps! First, you’ll make the dark chocolate layer by melting the chocolate and spreading it onto a pan lined with parchment paper. Once it’s done, it chills in the refrigerator. Next, you’ll create the white chocolate layer. Melt the white chocolate pieces using the same method as the dark chocolate. When the mixture looks smooth and even, add the crushed candy canes. 

Stir to mix the white chocolate and peppermint pieces, and then add the white chocolate layer to the chilled dark chocolate mixture. Press any remaining candy cane pieces into the chocolate and place the bark into the refrigerator to chill for at least an hour. When they’re cold enough, break them into smaller pieces. Your bark is ready to serve and enjoy! 

 chocolate tahini snowflake cookies

3. Rich Vegan Chocolate Cake 

Chocolate cakes and tarts are an impressive dessert for hosting a holiday party or dinner. Like vegan cookies, the best plant-based chocolate cakes come in various flavors for every party theme. Our Chocolate Raspberry Amaretto Truffle Cake is a seasonal favorite because it combines sweet holiday berries and decadent dark chocolate flavor. We use TCHO Super Powder for this recipe, along with our Real Fudgy 70% from Ghana. 

More favorite cakes and tarts for the holidays include our Chocolate Coffee Caramel Tart featuring a rich chocolate crust and whipped espresso caramel. Buttery shortbread makes this tart taste like a seasonal treat. Along with our TCHO Super Powder, you’ll see our Choco Combo 68% and our Dark & Bitter 100% make an appearance. For a twist on the typical winter chocolate cake, try making our Yuzu Chocolate Mousse Cake. It features the bright and citrusy flavors of East Asian yuzu, along with fruity dark chocolate.

Are you looking for other ways to elevate your typical vegan chocolate tarts? Create a plant-based toasted “meringue” to go on top. A fudgy vegan ganache will make your holiday cakes more decadent, while salted caramel and almond flavors can take your seasonal baking up a notch. 

cookies with chocolate

Enjoy a Delicious Vegan Twist on a Holiday Treat 

Everyone’s favorite holiday desserts are undeniably delicious but involve a unique spin on a tried-and-true classic. If you’re searching for ways to put a vegan twist on the traditional cake or cookie, we can help! Try one of the vegan holiday recipes above, and you’re sure to impress your guests. While you’ll love how it pairs with your vegan holiday meal, you’ll have a delicious new recipe to use every year.