Does White Chocolate Have Caffeine?

Does white chocolate have caffeine? TCHO pros explain what is in white chocolate and how to use plant-based oat milk white chocolate in your recipes. 
June 02, 2023

White chocolate is a sweet and creamy alternative to milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Its bright and buttery flavor pairs perfectly with lush berries and tangy citrus fruits. It’s a tasty chocolate for melting or turning into a fondue for dipping. Since it’s different from other common types of chocolate, does white chocolate have caffeine?  Find out the caffeine content in white chocolate and how it compares in its ingredients and flavor to other TCHO chocolate varieties. 

What Is White Chocolate?

So, what is white chocolate? White chocolate is a confection made with cocoa butter and milk solids, and then sweetened with sugar. It’s different from milk chocolate and dark chocolate because it doesn’t include cocoa solids from the cacao plant. Still, it’s considered chocolate as long as it contains at least 20% cocoa butter. 

TCHO white chocolate includes 100% organic and plant-based ingredients like organic cocoa butter and organic coconut sugar. Its organic vanilla beans give it a distinct flavor that makes white chocolate so irresistible. 

Stock Up on Your Favorite Vegan Chocolate

Does White Chocolate Have Caffeine? 

The cocoa solids from the cacao plant are what contain caffeine in chocolate. Caffeine is a naturally occurring and stimulating substance found in some other common ingredients like kola nuts and tea leaves. White chocolate doesn’t include cocoa solids, so it’s caffeine-free. Go ahead, make your white chocolate part of an evening hot cocoa or an indulgent trail mix featuring dried mango mini pretzels. You’ll enjoy the sweet and creamy taste without the added caffeine. 

Does Milk Chocolate Have Caffeine? 

Milk chocolate has cocoa solids, so it does contain some caffeine. You’ll find roughly 21 milligrams of caffeine in your TCHO 3.5-ounce vegan chocolate bars made with milk chocolate. That means you must eat about 3.5 bars to get the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. While you shouldn’t get a big jolt from your TCHO chocolate, it does help to know how much caffeine is in it if you need to keep track. 

choco latte

How About Dark Chocolate? 

Dark chocolate has the most cocoa solids, so it also has the highest caffeine content. There are about 80 milligrams of caffeine in a 3.5-ounce bar of ultra-dark chocolate containing 75 to 80 percent cocoa. You may feel more energized when you have TCHO dark chocolate! You can also get a bold coffee flavor with our Choco Latté bar. Choco Latté is made with organic coffee beans from Blue Bottle Coffee to give you that kick you want. 

How to Create Caffeine-Free Treats 

If you’re searching for a chocolate dessert or snack without caffeine, white chocolate is here to please. With creamy white chocolate, you can create delicious caffeine-free recipes that taste like comforting classics. We’re big fans of white chocolate brownies and white chocolate-covered strawberries. White chocolate bark is a tasty snack at home or on the go, but you can’t go wrong when making white chocolate cheesecake or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. 

Everyone loves a batch of cranberry white chocolate cookies or a big helping of light and airy white chocolate mousse, but don’t forget the power of a white chocolate cupcake or white chocolate banana bread. Bring them to a celebration along with dark chocolate desserts and see what everyone likes best! Try your hand at a white chocolate crème brûlée or white chocolate peanut butter cups! You can even temper chocolate to make candy. 

white chocolate mousse

White Chocolate: A Bright and Buttery Flavor 

White chocolate may not contain caffeine, but its energizing and uplifting flavor notes are enough to brighten your day. White chocolate makes an excellent melting chocolate and offers a unique take on baked goods, so be sure to check out our TCHO white chocolate discs for baking. These discs are with our other baking essentials like our roasted cacao nibs and unsweetened cocoa powder. Try them and see how they take everything from muffins to pies to the next level. 

Highlight the bright notes of white chocolate with herbs like basil and lemongrass. Or try accenting the chocolate with ginger or sea salt. The more you experiment with white chocolate, the more you appreciate its sweetness and caffeine-free ingredients!