What Is Chocolate Ganache?

April 24, 2023

Chocolate ganache has a fudgy, luscious taste and texture. It’s an ideal medium for creating layer cakes and making chocolate truffles. The decadence and elegance make it perfect for celebrating a special occasion or serving guests. So, what is chocolate ganache and how do you make it at home? 

We’ll show you ganache and how you can DIY it in your kitchen. With the help of TCHO chopped chocolate bars or baking chocolate, you’ll make a rich and delicious cheesecake or pie. Create the layer cake of your dreams or make your first-ever torte!

What Does Ganache Mean? 

Ganache is a thick and velvety blend of cream and chocolate. To make the recipe plant-based, bakers may use non-dairy substitutes instead of heavy cream. Blending or emulsifying chocolate with a cream or liquid keeps the mixture at room temperature. This gives ganache a soft, malleable texture for creating creamy confections or a delicious alternative to chocolate frosting. Bakers like to drizzle it over cakes or put ganache inside chocolate truffles. 

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Ingredients in Chocolate Ganache 

Ganache tastes like an exquisite treat, but it’s easy to put together. Here at TCHO, we love a classic ganache with simple ingredients. When you make a traditional chocolate ganache, combine TCHO chopped chocolate or baking chocolate with heavy cream:

  • 14 oz. Sweet & Sassy 66% or TCHO Choco Combo 68%, roughly chopped 
  • 2 cups heavy cream substitute 

Plant-based bakers can substitute coconut cream or make a mixture of non-dairy milk and olive oil. Try cashew cream or a combination of silken tofu and soy milk. Check out our Olive Oil Ganache Tart recipe to see how you can make it with extra virgin olive oil. Adding butter and sea salt gives you a robust flavor that balances perfectly with rich dark chocolate. 

Another way to make chocolate ganache is to combine chopped chocolate with honey and oat milk (like in our Chocolate Honey Cake). Finish with ½ teaspoon of salt and a splash of vanilla extract. If you prefer, vegans can swap out the honey for agave nectar. 

Types of Chocolate for Ganache 

Which types of chocolate make for the perfect ganache? Expert bakers recommend dark chocolate or bittersweet dark chocolate. We start our recipes with TCHO Sweet & Sassy 66% or our TCHO Choco Combo 68%. Experiment with the flavors to decide which baking chocolate is best for your recipe. 

Sweet & Sassy is a bittersweet baking chocolate with flavor notes of dried fruit and nuts. When you use these baking discs or chopped chocolate, you’ll get a rich and sassy flavor to add personality and depth to tarts and cream puffs. Choco Combo celebrates robust cocoa flavor with nutty notes and hints of roasted coffee. Include it in your ganache recipe for an undeniably tasty dessert. 

chopping chocolate discs

How to Make Ganache 

To make chocolate ganache in your kitchen, heat your heavy cream or dairy substitute to 190°F. Next, using a heatproof bowl, pour the cream over the chopped chocolate or baking chocolate to help it melt. Once the chocolate melts (about 1-2 minutes), use a whisk to blend the mixture together. Another way to make ganache is to melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a double boiler. Once the chocolate melts, whisk in the heavy cream alternative (like plant butter and olive oil) until emulsified. Let it cool at room temperature. Enjoy your creation! 

Best Chocolate Ganache Recipes 

One of the best parts about chocolate ganache is there are endless ways to eat it! Our TCHO pros find it inspiring to create tasty plant-based recipes. You’ll discover ganache in our chocolate honey cake and chocolate coffee caramel tarts. Other favorites include layer cakes and celebration cakes. A thick drizzle or frosting will take the rich, fudgy chocolate flavor to the next level. 

Use chocolate ganache to make cupcakes and handheld cake bars. Bite-size truffles are perfect for a pick-me-up treat or an afternoon snack. You can even create individual chocolate trifles with ganache filling! Elevate your donuts by dipping them in chocolate ganache. Learn to make ganache icing, and you’ll have the magic topping for every anniversary treat or birthday cake. 

tcho chocolates dessert

Making Chocolate Ganache in Your Kitchen 

A DIY chocolate ganache is fun and easy. Practice these recipes with our delicious TCHO plant-based baking discs and chocolate bars. We also have baking essentials like roasted cacao nibs and non-alkalized cocoa powder. Experience and quality ingredients will take your recipes to the next level. So will the quality chocolate in your ganache!