Better beans make better chocolate.

So we educate our growers about what their crop actually tastes like, explain the best way to cultivate and pick the cacao pods at their peak. That way they know to provide only the best beans for TCHO.

TCHO Source.

It takes a smarter farmer to grow a better bean. To get the best, freshest, and most flavorful cacao beans, we set up TCHO flavor labs in each country where we source our beans. These bean-to-bar flavor factories teach small hold cacao growers—most of whom have never tasted a bar of chocolates—the connection between quality bean and quality bar. Once farmers taste chocolate made from their own beans, they can grow better crops, pick fresher beans, and produce the flavors we are looking for. TCHO Source has been a game changer: farmers can charge more for their crops and improve their livelihoods. And TCHO gets the first pick of the best beans.