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TCHO Pro chocolate couvertures are designed to express the diversity of flavors found in cacao, and are carefully crafted with professionals in mind. Whether it's with our single-origin dark chocolates or our expertly developed blends, TCHO is guaranteed to add a level of sophistication to your next creation. For inquiries about our 62% Mosaic couverture, email us at
Suggested Uses

Drinking Chocolate

Reminiscent of a European-style drink, our Drinking Chocolate blends to create an intensely rich, fudgy flavor, and a luxurious velvety texture. Made with chunks of chocolate, cocoa powder, and cane sugar.
Suggested Uses
Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Milk
Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce

Cocoa Powder

We roast, grind, and press only the best tasting cacao beans into our unsweetened, non-alkalized, organic, and Fair Trade certified cocoa powder. Its deep fudgy notes and light acidity will be sure to elevate your final dish, and its 20-22% cocoa fat delivers a smoother and silkier mouthfeel.
Suggested Uses
Ice Cream

Roasted Cacao Nibs

Hand-selected and roasted to perfection, our cacao nibs are notable for their intense chocolateyness with hints of almonds and malt.
Suggested Uses
Craft Brewing
Chocolate Chip Substitute