Sensory Trainings

Once farmers and researchers have the tools to create their own cacao samples in Flavor Labs – we spend countless hours building a shared language of taste. To further solidify the success of the Flavor Labs, we conduct extensive sensory trainings with our partners to hone their palates and pick up on nuanced flavors found in cacao.

Calibration of flavor palates.

Part of making great cacao is understanding the customer’s needs. We teach our partners what off-flavors taste like to North American consumers, European consumers, etc. Additionally, we introduce delicious flavors that they may not have tried, like blueberries.

Real results.

Our friends from the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana, came to the Bay Area to visit our factory for educational chocolate making sessions. Through the help of our Flavor Labs, CRIG, as well as our other partners, understand the importance of good growing, fermenting, and drying practices and how they directly affect the development of flavor.

We are constantly striving to further our work in sensory analysis and are so excited to introduce our Guide to Cocoa Sensory Analysis (!!!), a culmination of years of quality development with our USAID co-op cacao partners and Equal Exchange. Check it out here.