Where Do We Source Our Cocoa Beans?

When TCHO was founded, we knew we wanted to make chocolate differently.

As part of our efforts to innovate the chocolate industry, we set to work developing a unique sourcing and production model for our chocolate. The result? TCHOSource, an unprecedented approach to producing chocolate in sustainable, ethical, and exceptionally delicious ways.  

We partner directly with cacao farmers, cooperatives, and research organizations in cacao producing countries. We combine their extensive cacao producing knowledge with our chocolate making savvy, to co-create the best cacao beans possible. Currently we are partnering with producers and sourcing beans from:

Ecuador: TCHO has provided extensive sensory training and installed 3 TCHO Flavor labs in Ecuador: one at INIAP, the National Cocoa Research Institute of Ecuador, and two at Fair Trade cooperatives we source from. TCHO sources Ecuadorian beans for their “nutty” and “hot chocolate” flavor notes.   

Ghana: TCHO has installed two TCHO Flavor Labs in Ghana: One at a farmer owned cooperative with over 13,000 farmer members, and one at the prestigious Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana- GRIGCRIG staff prepare chocolate and liquor samples in the lab for training farmers throughout Ghana on how different farming practices affect the flavor of their beans. TCHO sources cacao beans from Ghana for their deep “chocolatey”, fudgy, and brownie flavors.

Madagascar: TCHO works with one single farm in Madagascar known around the world for the high quality beans they produce! TCHO sources Madagascar beans for their stunning citrus flavors.  

Peru:  Peru holds a special place in TCHO’s history as the first locale we ever sourced cacao beans from to make our chocolate.  TCHO has partnered with three amazing cooperatives in Peru to install TCHO Flavor labs, fermenting, and drying infrastructure at each. These cooperatives have run countless fermentation and drying experiments-allowing us to taste and explore the full range of flavors naturally found in their cocoa beans. TCHO sources Peruvian beans for their nuanced fruity flavors.

Dominican Republic: Conacado cooperative in the DR is home to yet another TCHO Flavor Lab. TCHO sources Dominican beans for their flavorful and balanced profile.

We have learned so much from the farmers, cocoa scientists and coop leaders in all of these countries. We look forward to expanding our sourcing and TCHOSource program to additional cacao producing countries soon!